Another Murder by a Somali Immigrant Leaves 7-Year-Old Girl Dead

A Somali immigrant stabbed a seven-year-old British girl to death on March 22, 2020.

The girl, Emily Jones Bolton, was riding her scooter past a park bench when a 30-year-old woman stabbed her in the neck. All of this brutal incident took place in front of the girl’s father.

Emergency services were summoned to the park around 2.30 pm and the child was taken to the Salford Royal Hospital. The child succumbed to her wounds despite the “best efforts” of doctors.

Acting Senior Coroner Alan Walsh asserted that the girl’s death was “one of the most tragic” cases he has handled at an investigation into the child’s death at Bolton Coroner’s Court.

“I have been truly touched by the photographs of Emily that have been sent to me. I send my heartfelt condolences to Emily’s family and friends, but particularly to her parents, who were present in the park and her father, who was nearby,” the coroner stated. “In my 20 years as a coroner this is one of the most tragic deaths that I have dealt with and the loss of a beautiful, innocent, lively, intelligent and lovely seven-year-old in these circumstances is an unimaginable tragedy. I appreciate that Emily’s parents are beyond devastated and my sincere thoughts are with them at this enormously sad time,” Walsh emphasized.

The young girl was then released for burial.

During the judicial inquiry, police coroner’s officer Rebecca Gardner recounted before the court, “Emily was on her scooter playing. As she rode past a wooden bench, a female sat on the bench suddenly attacked Emily, stabbing her in the neck, causing catastrophic injury.”

The United Kingdom’s multicultural experiment has produced devastating social results in the past few decades.

A combination of no right to bear arms and a political class that supports mass migration is gradually turning the U.K. into a cesspool of anarcho-tyranny.

Not only is the state not letting people defend themselves, but they are flooding the country with migrants who have very little capacity to assimilate without any form of voter input.

If these trends continue, more brutal incidents like these will take place in the U.K.

And the sad part is that British voters had no say about it.

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