Anthony Sabatini Criticizes NATO Expansion

Finding politicians who understand the structural problems is one tough endeavor. Politicians are addicted to finding quick fixes to the many problems we face.

For example, politicians in both parties have impulsively voted for increasing military aid to Ukraine as it staves off a Russian invasion.

From a bigger picture, American politicians myopically thought that expanding NATO at all costs was a rational policy decision in the post-Cold War era. Many of these politicians were totally zonked out on End of History narratives and believed that the entire West including Russia would be assimilated into the neoliberal borg.

To the neoliberal’s and neoconservative’s dismay, Russia was able to rise from the ashes and reassert itself within its historic domain. A large motivator for its more assertive foreign policy was NATO expansion into its traditional sphere of influence. Just like the US would never tolerate the presence of China and Russia military bases in the Western Hemisphere, Russia was not going to tolerate NATO nor any external power trying to park military assets or subversive institutions along its traditional sphere of influence.

Sadly, politicians on both sides of the aisle have not understood that and have energetically pursued NATO expansion. The first tranche of NATO expansion in 1999 which saw Czechia, Hungary, and Poland become members of the alliance. Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia would later join in 2004. Albania and Croatia joined in 2009. Later on, Montenegro (2017) and North Macedonia (2020) became NATO members.

The US dangled NATO membership in front of Georgia and Ukraine, albeit for an undefined date, which put Russia on notice. It responded with its own military interventions in Georgia and Ukraine to demonstrate that it’s willing to use force to carve out a sphere of influence. 

Despite Russia’s willingness to use force to push back against Western encroachments, the DC Blob insists on escalating tensions against Russia by increasing military aid to Ukraine and imposing severe sanctions.

Clearly, DC needs a change in leadership if it wants to see meaningful changes in foreign policy. 

Florida State Representative and congressional candidate for Florida’s 7th district Anthony Sabatini is one America First figure who is ready to embrace the challenge of ridding the Republican Party of its neoconservative influence. 

In a tweet he posted on June 2, 2022, he declared, “NATO expansion was a stupid idea—pursued with religious zeal—that had nothing to do with the American interest.

What a demented foreign policy establishment we have.”

Sabatini is an America First nationalist who believes America’s biggest problems are domestic in nature and don’t come from abroad. His campaign is mostly focused on restoring order, keeping immigration in check, defending the Second Amendment, and putting anti-right wing corporations in their place. 

So far, Sabatini has received endorsements from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, and Turning Point Action. 

If any individual wants to see meaningful changes in American foreign policy that make it go in a more non-interventionist direction, supporting Sabatini’s congressional campaign is a no-brainer. 

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