Pepe Escobar Gets Suspended from Twitter

Pepe Escobar Suspended from Twitter.

For advocates of a non-interventionist foreign policy, April 13, 2022 was a bad day.

Pepe Escobar, a Brazilian journalist who covers geopolitical topics, was suspended from Twitter for allegedly violating its rules against abuse and harassment. 

Escobar has been one of the few international relations analysts who has spoken soberly about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. In addition, Escobar has been a strong critic of the Anglo-American establishment, specifically its machinations abroad. 

In a post at Unz Review, Escobar detailed his situation: 

This is how Big Tech techno-feudalism works.

They’re sooooooo predictable.

Friends in California had warned me I was on the radar. On Twitter for only 6 months, and the number of followers rose too fast.

I sent a written complaint. They replied they are reviewing the account. I don’t expect any humans to be involved – much less with an understanding of real journalism.

I am here:


and of course here:


Thank you all.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


At the time of this suspension, Escobar had about 78,800 followers on Twitter.

Pepe Escobar Suspended from Twitter-

It’s safe to say that Big Tech is an arm of the national security state. Any prominent individual who dares to criticize the prevailing foreign policy narratives in Washington, New York City, London, and Brussels will ultimately get canceled. 

That’s how things are going in the post-West, where foundational principles such as free speech are becoming increasingly an afterthought. For the sake of maintaining free speech and preventing the media from gasligthing the American public into accepting a disastrous war, populists will need to clamp down on Big Tech’s influence. 

Regulation of Big Tech is an existential matter when it comes to preserving the US and keeping it from descending into the abyss of globalism. 


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