Anti-Defamation League Claims Waukesha Attack Suspect Darrell Brooks Isn’t an Extremist

The Anti-Defamation League is actively seeking to dismiss the prolific extremist connections of Waukesha Christmas parade attacker Darrell Brooks. A Thursday tweet from the progressive organization claimed Darrell Brooks “does not appear to actively subscribe to an extremist ideology.” The ADL cited supposed “experts” in dismissing Brooks as an extremist.

Brooks, a career criminal with a history of sex and violent assault convictions, shared content on his personal Facebook page advocating for violence against older white people. The repeat convict and rapper also spoke of his antisemitic views, sharing content which positively spoke of Adolf Hitler. The Hitler meme appears to share the religious views of the Black Hebrew Israelites extremist group, an organization known for preaching racial hatred of both white people and Jews.

so when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD” Read one Facebook posting of the convicted paedophile.

All six of the individuals killed in the Waukesha parade attack were white. Brooks’ SUV appeared to target an element of the parade that included grandmothers, as well as one that included children.

Establishment media organizations such as the Washington Post and CNN have gone radio silent on Brooks’ extensive extremist connections, declining to so much as mention the career criminal’s affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement and his racist online postings. Most coverage on the corporate news outlets came within a day or two of the initial attack last month, with more recent coverage merely describing the attack as perpetuated by an “SUV.”

The ADL, which supposedly exists to identify and counter extremism, has been criticizing for sweeping blaring examples of left-wing extremism under the rug when it’s politically inconvenient. The organization, criticized by many for its lockstep connections with the Democratic Party, may be unable to accurately and objectively identify and denounce extremism when its operatives seem intently focused on hiding it.

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