Anti-Grooming Activist Threatened by LGBT Activists for Opposing Child Sex Propaganda is Targeted by Media, Police

Anti-child grooming activist Ethan Schmidt of Arizona is being targeted by hit pieces from the fake news media and is even being investigated by law enforcement over his public opposition to the LGBT agenda.

Schmidt explained in an interview posted on his Telegram account that the feds told him about credible threats to his life over a viral video he made pledging opposition to the LGBT agenda that grooms children:

Schmidt’s words are being taken out of context in order to present him as a violent threat for pledging civil disobedience against an agenda that is blatantly targeting children with grotesque and damaging sexual propaganda.

“They came to me first. They were telling me about all these death threats against me,” Schmidt said of his contact with the FBI.

Schmidt said that he was trolling with his remarks but doing so with a purpose. He is serious about ending LGBT child grooming and creating consequences for the corporate embrace of this sick and satanic agenda.

“I’m here to expose the LGBT agenda, all evil in this world, I’m here to expose it for Jesus Christ. That’s why I started with the mask. The mask was my first objective, and now I’m onto the next objective, and yeah, the truth always wins,” he said.

“The leftists, they want to paint it as if we are going hunting, like we’re going to shoot people. That’s what they want to paint it as, but the definition I’m using of hunting is searching and seeking,” Schmidt added.

Schmidt said that although he is intent on stopping media smears against him and clear his reputation, he did wish to initiate “chaos” in order to draw attention to the LGBT agenda and the systemic grooming of children.

“I’m sick of this agenda, this LGBT agenda, being pushed on the kids is disgusting. That should be illegal. It’s pedophilia, pushing sexual ideas onto children, and I’m the only one with the balls to do something about it,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported on the excesses of the LGBT movement, which is resulting in major psychological damage to the children being targeted by their propaganda:

The LGBT poison is taking its toll on abused children as confused and brainwashed kids are considering suicide after being indoctrinated into that demonic lifestyle.

The Trevor Project, a LGBT advocacy organization, found that more LGBT youth are considering suicide than any time over the past three years. They found that 45 percent of LGBT youth have considered suicide over the past year, even as societal LGBT acceptance is at an all-time high.

The trend over the past three years has risen, according to the poll findings. 40 percent of LGBT youth seriously considered suicide in 2020, and that figure rose to 42 percent in 2021. It rose three points in the past year.

Shockingly, 58 percent of transgender boys and men reported that they seriously considered suicide in the past year. 53 percent of nonbinary young people considered the same, and 48 percent of transgender girls and women seriously considered suicide. Keep in mind, this is occurring as children are being drugged who are told by satanic authority figures to question their gender identity.

The results of the survey can be found here.”

Schmidt is taking flak because he is over the target. He is leading a new generation of activists who are pushing back against the degenerate status quo that is sacrificing the souls of children to predators on the altar of tolerance.

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