Anti-Gun Organization Hires a Brand New Set of Propagandists

On October 19, 2023, civilian disarmament organization Brady announced its hiring of new leaders to its “Culture and Gun Safety” initiative. 

Brady is looking to use talent from the entertainment sector to normalize gun control among the broader American public.

Brady’s “Show Gun Safety” campaign, which is in its second year,  recently gathered its ambassadors at the White House, provided consultation on major TV shows, teamed up with USC’s Norman Lear Center on gun safety media best practices,  and boosted anti-gun actors and advocates.

The newest hires are expected to join Brady’s Vice President of Communications Renee Davidson to strengthen these efforts and build new relationships in the entertainment sector.

Christy Callahan, who previously worked as motion picture creative executive and TV writer, was recently hired by Brady to serve as a senior advisor. Callahan spearheaded the establishment of Brady’s on-screen gun safety campaign, writing the viral Hollywood Open Letter, which she talked about at length on Good Morning America. She is a dedicated community organizer with strong ties in politics, as evidenced by her presence on Brady’s Southern California Regional Leadership Council for roughly a decade.

Matt Littman was also hired by Brady as a senior advisor. Littman was most recently the leader of 97percent, a bipartisan consortium of gun owners and non-gun owners striving to advance an anti-gun agenda. Littman has an extensive background in public relations, with his clients having been Fortune 500 companies and Academy Award-winning actors. He previously served as then-Senator Joe Biden’s main speechwriter and is a senior advisor to Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Overall, Brady is clearly doubling down on its efforts to use Hollywood as an anti-gun propaganda vehicle. The pro-Second Amendment Right must be ready to fight this propaganda and also build alternative media to take back the narrative. 

We cannot let these malevolent forces continue to lie about our sacred freedoms.

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