Anti-Migration Protests Rock Brussels in Wake of Paris Protests

The capital of Belgium and city in which the European Union is headquartered was rocked with anti-migration protests that turned violent over the weekend.

“Thousands of demonstrators in Brussels have marched against a UN migration pact, signed in Marrakech last week,” according to BBC.

The report said that 5,500 members of right wing political parties took part in the protest of a July United Nations agreement that will almost certainly lead to more migration from the third world. More than 160 nations signed the “Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” last week. Some refused, including the United States, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

BBC makes the agreement sound palatable. In fact, though, the pact, which can be read in full here, dictates that governments “educate” journalists on migration and dictate terminology they should use when discussing migration, and recognizes no difference between legal and illegal migrants, essentially signing up its member nations for wholesale invasion.

One would not know that from reading the BBC report.

“The deal, which is not legally binding, seeks an international approach to migration that ‘reaffirms the sovereign rights of states to determine their national migration policy’ and asserts the ‘fundamental’ importance of legal migration,” according to the report.

Belgian right-wing party N-VA left the government last week in protest of the adoption of the migration pact.

The turmoil in Belgium comes on the heels of French protests against what the press claimed was an increased fuel tax. But even when French President Emmanuel Macron dropped the tax, the protests continued, suggesting that there is a larger agenda at play.

Big League Politics reported:

French President Emmanuel Macron eliminated his proposed increased fuel tax after protests turned violent Paris last weekend. But Thursday, protestors continued to clash with police, even after Macron gave into their demands, signifying that perhaps it was not the tax that set the protestors off in the first place.

The press is likely staying away from the subject given that Macron, an avowed globalist who has taken swipes at President Donald J. Trump, is seen as friend of the world government and elite. France is one of the major players in the European Union. A referendum similar to Britain’s Brexit could be devastating to the tyrannical multinational organization.

Thursday, Macron’s approval hit an all time low 23 percent.

The Yellow Vest protests continued in France for the fifth weekend in a row.

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