Anti-Ossoff PAC Gets Death Threats (AUDIO)

Jon Ossoff, Facebook
Jon Ossoff, Facebook

The super PAC Principled PAC is receiving death threats after running an ad in Georgia condemning the recent violent rhetoric of the Left.

PAC representative Noel Fritsch told Big League Politics that the group has received numerous death threats since running the ad “Stop the Violent Left” in the Karen Handel-Jon Ossoff race. Ossoff the Democrat is looking to “flip the Sixth” district and turn it blue.

Big League Politics has obtained audio of a threatening phone message that a woman left for the PAC.

“The mask is finally coming off of the unhinged leftists in the¬†Democrat Party, and it isn’t pretty,” Fritsch said in a statement. “The rampant leftist violence and rhetoric is laying bare the fact that Democrat ideology is extremist and violent at its core. Thankfully, most Americans seem ready to reject the animal instincts of the left.”

“Principled PAC’s ad ‘Stop The Violent Left’ has made it clear the unhinged, leftist Democrats believe violence and wishing death upon people is fair game,” Fritsch added.

Handel and Ossoff are locked neck in neck in Tuesday’s runoff election for the House seat.

Here is Principled PAC’s original ad:


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