Anti-Semitic Linda Sarsour Brags About Women’s March ‘Successes’, Begs For Money

Linda Sarsour Womens March Success

Linda Sarsour, the anti-Semitic advocate of Sharia Law, starred in a video posted to Facebook touting the so-called successes of the Women’s March and asking for followers to donate money to the civil disobedience activist group.

Sarsour, who previously called for Muslims to enact Jihad against President Donald J. Trump and expressed support for an imam named in court documents as one of the conspirators behind the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, recounted the accomplishments of the Women’s Movement, thanked those who have donated to the group, and then begged viewers for more money in the Facebook video.

“Linda Sarsour here with the Women’s March, thank you so much for your generosity,” said the advocate of Sharia Law.

“We organized the largest civil disobedience led by women to end family separation, we organized the largest women’s convention in 40 years, we organized for weeks to oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, we allowed the cries of #MeToo and #BelieveSurvivors to echo throughout the halls of Congress, we made a pact to win back the House in 2018 and we won back the House.”

Ironically, only one of the so-called successes of the Women’s March appears to be the narrow victory Democrats achieved in 2018, when it helped Democrats recapture control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sarsour concluded by telling viewers that the organization has “So much more work to do, and we cannot do it without you.”

She does not mention that the founder of the Women’s March previously denounced Sarsour and those she is connected with for distorting the original message of the movement. According to Teresa Shook, who reportedly conceived the idea of the Women’s March, Sarsour and her associates “have steered the Movement away from its true course.”

She added, “I have waited, hoping they would right the ship. But they have not.”

Sarsour’s affiliation with the Women’s March also led the event organizers to cancel its Chicago Women’s March after reports of Sarsour’s hatred of Jews were widely publicized by Big League Politics and others.

Earlier this year, Sarsour appeared to make yet another intentionally anti-Semitic remark when she instructed a Muslim crowd not to “humanize oppressors” of Palestine. In other words, Sarsour instructed Muslims not to “humanize” Jewish citizens of Israel.

It is unknown what the Women’s March believes it has to gain by allowing an anti-Semitic advocate of Sharia Law to serve as its apparent chief spokesman and fundraiser.

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