Anti-Trump Protester Catches Rubber Bullet With Groin (VIDEO)

Radical left-wing agitators caused a melee outside President Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday night in Phoenix, Arizona.

Police were forced to fire off tear gas balls as the riot intensified. A man was struck in the groin with a police-fired rubber bullet after kicking a tear gas projectile back toward police officers.

The riot consumed the Phoenix night.

Trump used the speech to re-emphasize to his base that he plans to go forward with the America First themes and principles of his campaign and young presidency. Trump also decried the violence of leftists and street gangs, accusing the Fake News media of covering up the violent left-wing insurrection rising in our streets.

President Trump is trying to diffuse tensions in our country against the backdrop of increasingly violent political rallies and clashes between left-wing and other groups. The situation has been described by some observers as akin to a new civil war, with Trump in the middle of the chaos leading America to some hope for a solution.

The White House petition to label the left-wing Antifa movement as a domestic terrorist group surpassed 100,000 signatures, the threshold for receiving a formal White House response.

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