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Anti-Trump Protester Catches Rubber Bullet With Groin (VIDEO)



Radical left-wing agitators caused a melee outside President Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday night in Phoenix, Arizona.

Police were forced to fire off tear gas balls as the riot intensified. A man was struck in the groin with a police-fired rubber bullet after kicking a tear gas projectile back toward police officers.

The riot consumed the Phoenix night.

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Trump used the speech to re-emphasize to his base that he plans to go forward with the America First themes and principles of his campaign and young presidency. Trump also decried the violence of leftists and street gangs, accusing the Fake News media of covering up the violent left-wing insurrection rising in our streets.

President Trump is trying to diffuse tensions in our country against the backdrop of increasingly violent political rallies and clashes between left-wing and other groups. The situation has been described by some observers as akin to a new civil war, with Trump in the middle of the chaos leading America to some hope for a solution.

The White House petition to label the left-wing Antifa movement as a domestic terrorist group surpassed 100,000 signatures, the threshold for receiving a formal White House response.


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Before Quitting Roseanne, Wanda Sykes Called Trump An Orangutan

She’s a hypocrite



Comedian and vocal Trump critic Wanda Sykes  made waves when she abruptly left her position as a consulting producer for the now-cancelled ABC show Roseanne. She left after the show’s star, Roseanne Barr made a Tweet that many perceived as racist, but that Barr denied being racist.

The Tweet was targeted at former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett that said that if “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

Barr later apologized for the Tweet, stating that the joke she made was in “bad taste.”

Despite her apologies, the damage was already done, and ABC cancelled the show. Barr had been a target of the left for some time. The television star who once ran for President in the Green party has had a radical shift politically in recent years, eventually becoming a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

Much of the faux outrage towards Barr came after Sykes made her decision to leave  the show. But as it turns out, Sykes was likely only upset because Jarrett is a Democrat. She sure didn’t seem to have a problem with alluding towards people being apes when she called the newly elected President, Donald Trump, an orangutan.

Orangutans are a species of ape. Her statement was likely a way to attack her perceived lack of intelligence in President Trump. Barr may have had the same reasoning, but the left was too quick to jump towards the race-card like they always do.

Barr has no history of racism, and prior to supporting the President, she was viewed very positively by the left. But showing support for the President is such a toxic opinion to many, especially in Hollywood. Roseanne didn’t stand a chance against the race-baiting media lynch-mob waiting for any excuse to destroy her.


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Trump To Kids Of Media: “Join Me In The Oval Office, Leave Your Parents.”

He let their kids join him in the oval office, but forced their kids to stay.



In celebration of “Take Your Children to Work Day,” President Donald Trump hosted the children of a number of members of the media at the White House. While on the White House lawn, the President offered to bring the children into the oval office, but added one rule: “leave your parents out here.”

When he later asked again, he gave the children a choice, asking “do you want your parents in the oval office, or out.” The yells for “out” far outweighed the calls to let them in. Trump later led the children into the White House.

Trump spent much of his time with the children making fun of their journalist parents. He stated that they “ask better questions than their parents,” and stated that the parents were being so well behaved because they “don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of [their kids].”

The kids seemed to love the President, creating a mob in front of the President in order to get signatures from Trump.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta: One Of Trump’s Crazy Supporters Is Going To Hurt Me [VIDEO]



In a recent interview, Jim Acosta of CNN railed against President Donald Trump’s treatment of the media, stating that one of his crazy supporters is going to hurt a member of the media because of it.

Acosta stated that much of America don’t understand that Trump and his Administrations negative statements against the media are nothing more than “an act.” He also went on to attack Donald Trump’s supporters, stating that many of them “don’t have all their faculties in some cases,” and that “their elevator may not hit all floors.”

Jim Acosta’s frustrations with Donald Trump come from him referring to his outlet, among many many others, as “fake news.” He’s also likely frustrated due to the fact that Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become famous for her snubbing of CNN, oftentimes ignoring them all together at press briefings.

But while Acosta may be upset at Trump and his Administrations anger at CNN, he refuses to acknowledge how his behavior plays into that. Earlier this month, Acosta used the annual White House “Easter Egg Roll” as an opportunity to grill the President on DACA as he was attempting to talk with the children in attendance.

CNN is just upset that they don’t have a President that plays to their left-wing agenda.

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