Anti-War Protests Kick Off in Moldova as NATO Tries to Drag It Into Ukraine War

Towards the end of February, protestors in Chisinau, Moldova took to the streets to rally against any efforts to get Moldova involved in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

According to a TASS report, protesters waved signs with white doves and shouted “Moldova without war!,” “No spending on weapons!,” and other anti-war slogans.

“We don’t want war, we don’t want to be dragged into the conflict [in Ukraine]. And we have gathered today to ask the government what they are planning in this direction and give them the opinion of the people,” one leader of the opposition ‘National Movement for People’ Marina Tauber stated, per a TASS correspondent who reported the scene.

At the protest on February 28, 2023, the opposition demanded the government pay the population back for electricity, gas, and heating bills. In Moldova, inflation reached a record high of 30% in 2022. Public unrest has been a theme in Moldova over the past few months. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita resigned from her post in February as protests picked up. 

Moldova is just the latest country that Western geopolitical tinkerers are trying to use in order to escalate tensions against Russia. We’re in a sensitive geopolitical situation where any type of miscalculation could lead to a potential nuclear escalation given that Russia is a nuclear power.

Hopefully, Moldovans continue putting pressure on their government to prevent their country from being used as a launchpad by NATO to get into a scuffle with Russia. 

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