Anti-White Communist Cheers as City of Charlottesville Ends Recognition of Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

In their desperate push to erase American history, the far-left liberals in charge of Charlottesville, Va. have announced that they will not be celebrating the birthday of founding father Thomas Jefferson this year and in subsequent years as well.

Instead of celebrating Jefferson’s birthday on Apr. 13, the city decided to celebrate Liberation and Freedom Day on March 3, a date that commemorates the freeing of the slaves.

“We’re not going to forget Mr. Jefferson. His name adorns streets, parks, endowed chairs at the university, lecture halls and he’s just all over the place,” Jalane Schmidt, a leftist University of Virginia professor, said to CNN. “But we prioritize the emancipation of slaves over his birthday.”

But Jefferson’s name won’t be honored publicly for long. After desecrating Confederate monuments and tributes throughout the south (with many cowardly Republicans joining in), the extreme Left is setting their sights on the founding fathers.

The type of events that will be featured throughout the week for “Liberation and Freedom Days” include “Racial Justice and Black Feminism,” a Ghanaian Independence Day celebration, and a panel discussion featuring so-called descendants from slaves.

Former city councilor Wes Bellamy, the racist hate-filled communist whose derelict actions helped lead to the “Unite the Right” disaster in 2017, was more explicit about the leftist agenda to desecrate the Founding Fathers and uproot American history.

“It’s very hard to expect us to celebrate an individual who said black people didn’t have the ability to emote, that we smelled very vile, an individual who raped Sally Hemings and other slaves, and was just a treacherous slave owner,” former city councilor Wes Bellamy said to CNN.

“It’s difficult to celebrate his birthday and at the same time celebrate the day in which enslaved Africans were set free. It doesn’t go hand in hand with the city and the representation of what we’re trying to do to move forward,” he added.

It was this open racist’s idea to end the celebration of Jefferson’s birthday and replace it with an annual remembrance of slaves being freed. Bellamy is proud that he helped move the town one more step forward to the communist overthrow that he is seeking.

“It’s important to be patient with people and impatient with progress. We’ll have to wait for people to realize on their own time how painful and hurtful his actions were on our people,” Bellamy said.

“I’m sorry they feel offended and think this is disgraceful, but as a community, we are not going to celebrate a white supremacist. You can see a person’s best qualities when you have the privilege to take advantage of the things they put in place. But for those of us who have been on the shorter end of the stick, there’s nothing about him worth being celebrated,” he added.

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