Anti-White Hate: Seattle Mayor’s Office Called for Fewer White Police Officers

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harnell’s office recently called on the Seattle Police Department (SPD) to hire fewer white men and those with “military bearing,” per a memo that the Jason Rantz Show was able to obtain.

Although the Mayor’s office at first refused to hand over the document via a public disclosure request, it was eventually sent to Rantz via a confidential source.

The memo is part of a large drive to hire fewer white men in government positions. 

Ben Dalgetty, a Digital Strategy Lead at the Mayor’s office, recently assumed control of SPD marketing projects. In a March 2023 memo directed to SPD human resources staff entitled “SPD Marketing More and Less,” Dalgetty called for “less” images and videos of “officers who are white, male,” and “officers with military bearing.” In the place of these images, Dalgetty called for more “officers of color,” “officers of different genders,” and “officers who are younger.” 

“I thought, ‘Are you kidding me? You put this in writing?” one anonymous source said to the Jason Rantz Show. “It shows not only a lack of respect for officers, but a lack of respect for the military. They have no understanding of someone willing to put their lives on the line for their fellow man. They don’t have respect.”

The memo featured “guidelines … for relative terms compared to previous SPD marketing efforts,” that were aimed to “shift the proportions of our photo/video collateral” away from promoting white male officers, and instead champion younger non-white officers with different genders.

Following the negative attention the controversial memo initially generated, Dalgetty modified the memo. In doing so, he essentially destroyed the record that the city government is force to keep for the purpose of public disclosure.

In one of the edits, Dalgetty erased language requesting fewer images and videos of white men. In a separate edit, he took out references to officers with military bearing. On top of that, Dalgetty took out: “This doesn’t mean no officers who are white or male or only young officers of color, but guidelines to shift the proportions of our photo/video collateral to more of some things and less of others.” 

Officer Mike Solan, the  president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG), negatively chimed in on the memo and described it as divisive. He called attention to how “95% of what is listed in this recruiting document SPOG fully supports.”

“What I condemn and will forever continue to push back on is the verbiage within the recruitment document that calls for less of white male officers. Less of people in leadership positions, and less of humans with military backgrounds. This is flat-out discrimination. Period. It is an affront to decency, reasonableness and further divides our communities,” Solan added in a statement he sent to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “When politics is intentionally inserted into the public safety policing conversation, we all lose. It is embarrassing, shameful, and detrimental to a healthy functioning society.”

The Seattle Police Department, via a spokesperson, did not deny the memo caused a stir for staff. Instead, the spokesperson said in a statement that the department is committed to hiring staff that represents “the full diversity of our city.”

The Seattle Mayor’s office will likely not fess up for its culpability in this instance. However, given how the country is going, it’s very likely that this anti-white policy is being implemented by the city of Seattle and countless other jurisdictions across the US. 

These elites are committed to displacing whites, especially members of the white working class. To effectively push back against these nefarious forces, we must retake control of local offices and ensure that anti-white policies are completely eliminated from these governing structures. 

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