ANTIFA Commemorates Rittenhouse Acquittal With Night of Nationwide Rioting, Looting

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter rioters chose to commemorate the evening of Kyle Rittenhouse’s historic acquittal with a series of nationwide riot and looting events, raising questions about narratives from the mainstream media asserting that the movements aren’t criminal.

Far leftists in cities hundreds of miles away from Kenosha, Wisconsin took it upon themselves to wage property damage and violence against people with no connection to the case.

Some street actors appeared more opportunistic in nature, taking advantage of chaos to shoplift hundreds of dollars of merchandise from stores.

Portland ANTIFA staged an attack on the county’s Justice Center, with Portland Police declaring an illegal assembly and ordering riot actors to leave downtown and go home.

In peculiar fashion, the masked and black-clad ANTIFA militants at the scene likened Kyle Rittenhouse to a terrorist, despite engaging in terroristic acts themselves.

Far-left rioters also staged demonstrators in New York City, with leftist activists crossing into Manhattan from Brooklyn to wreak havoc on the city’s elite as punishment for the verdict.

Rhetoric at the scene of the protest invoked a new progressive religion, in which antipathy towards white people appears to resemble that of a dogma or confession of faith. Far-left thugs at the scene forcibly compelled witnesses to refrain from filming, but some documented the events regardless.

The nationwide riots could signal the beginning of a new round of national destruction like that seen in summer 2020, with the pendulum of power bending away from garbage woke activists intent on anti-civilizational destruction.

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