ANTIFA Leader Exposed as Catholic School Teacher After Being Inadvertently Doxxed in CBC Documentary

An independent journalist from Canada has exposed a Catholic school teacher as an ANTIFA leader after he was doxxed in court papers and through an error in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) documentary.

Journalist Keean Bexte reported that Kurt Phillips leads the Anti-Racist Collective of Canada, a leading ANTIFA blog that helps foment left-wing terror and unleash digital lynch mobs on patriotic activists. He works as a Social Studies teacher for junior high school students at a Catholic School in Drumheller, Alberta.

Phillips’ identity was revealed after he was exposed in a court affidavit during a court case in Ontario. The testimony of a friend effectively exposed that he was behind the @ARCCollective Twitter account.

“For many years, Kurt had run a blog site known as Anti-Racist Canada (ARC), and a Twitter account known as @ARCCollective, and he is widely considered an expert in Canadian far-right extremism because of his work in documenting the activities and historical roots of Canadian neo-Nazis and white supremacists,” the testimony from the affidavit reads.

“His blog has been cited in numerous articles, and his work was hailed by Bernie Farber and the Anti-Hate Network as the most reliable source of information about the far-right,” it continued.

Bexte also noted that a Fifth Estate documentary by Canadian state broadcasting improperly blurred Phillips’ face while profiling him. The fake news accidentally exposed one of their own left-wing operatives with this blunder.

The exposure of Phillips’ identity comes shortly after another infamous ANTIFA terrorist agitator, who has used the alias “AntiFash Gordon (AFG),” was exposed publicly as well.

Big League Politics reported on AFG getting his just deserts earlier this week:

The infamous ANTIFA terror leader, who hid anonymously behind the handle AntiFash Gordon (AFG) as he conspired to destroy people’s lives, has finally had his identity revealed after years of doxxing patriotic activists.

According to The Post Millennial, AFG’s real identity is 38-year-old Christian Michael Exoo, a Canton, NY resident who works at at St. Lawrence University as a library supervisor. He has doxxed countless conservative individuals, giving the identities of patriots to a left-wing mob empowered to destroy their lives with targeted hate campaigns.

Exoo is reportedly a product of the university system that harbors the radical Left. His father, mother and brother are employed as professors at St. Lawrence University. He has taught students how to doxx individuals on social media at the university as well.

Exoo uses his information science background to teach about “open-source intelligence research.” In 2017, he led a seminar at a conference on the campus hosted by Weave News. One slide from his presentation read: “In this exercise, we are going to find the Facebook profile of our subject, and find all of the posts he’s ‘liked.’”

ANTIFA is quickly learning that, despite their extensive establishment support, they are not safe from the tactics they regularly deploy on their political enemies.

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