ANTIFA Militants Attempt to Recreate ‘CHAZ’ Commune in Seattle With Flaming Border Wall

ANTIFA militants attempted to recreate the infamous ‘Capital Hill Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle on Saturday night, erecting flaming border walls around the dismantled commune’s ‘borders’ in an attempt to scare away police.

Police were a bit less inclined to tolerate the anarchist rebellion this time. Groups of Seattle police officers marched upon the commune, dismantling its borders as they upheld the territorial integrity of the city of Seattle.

ANTIFA militants continued to engage in criminal activity even after the commune’s ‘borders’ were once again dismantled, refusing to disperse after their gathering was declared unlawful by the police.

ANTIFA militants had attacked and damaged small businesses and private property earlier in the evening.

As the Seattle police were bogged down responding to criminal activity in the city’s Capital Hill neighborhood, residents engaged in illegal street racing activity near the city’s Space Needle. At least one person was injured by cars that were performing ‘donuts’ near the attraction, and police couldn’t respond because they were busy dealing with CHAZ militants.

ANTIFA went on to leave flaming trash heaps on the streets of the Capital Hill neighborhood after their border wall was disabled, leaving the burden for area residents to clean up in the name of protesting “racism,” or something.

The left-wing Seattle City Council overturned a mayoral veto to defund the Seattle Police Department earlier this week, leaving the city with a reduced police force in the wake of an unprecedented increase in violent crime. Two people were shot in the confines of the CHAZ during its existence earlier in the summer, and one of them died.

Seattle has become a joke. Maybe the city should secede from the United States and take Portland with it, leaving the remnants of Oregon and Washington as conservative-leaning new states.

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