ANTIFA Plots Domestic Terror Campaign to Stop Jared Taylor Event at Arizona State

Alexis Gravel/Flickr/Creative Commons

An ANTIFA cell called the Phoenix Anarchist Federation is planning to use violence and terrorism to stop an upcoming event featuring American Renaissance publisher Jared Taylor on the campus of Arizona State University (ASU).

“Despite broad community outcry, the event hosted by white supremacist group CRU has been allowed to continue by ASU. It is up to us to kick these fascists off our campus and out of out communities,” the extremist organization wrote in one post.

In another post, they told their followers that “it is up to us as a community to oppose these fascists,” telling them to “wear all black” and wear “masks” to obscure their identities during the planned terror display plotted on social media.

The posts can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the College Republicans United bringing Taylor into the ASU campus to speak about white identity politics:

Controversial identitarian publisher Jared Taylor will speak at Arizona State University (ASU) next month on the topic of white identity politics.

Taylor, who publishes American Renaissance, will give a speech on Sept. 2 at ASU hosted by the Institute of Western Thought and College Republicans United. The title of the speech is, “If We Do Nothing: A Defense of White Identity Politics.” The event will begin at 7pm.

Taylor is a figure who has been described as a white nationalist and alt-right by far-left groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)…

Tech platform Eventbrite deplatformed organizers from selling tickets to Taylor’s speech in an attempt to restrict the speech of an individual subject to cancellation by the political establishment.

“We encourage our organizers to express their views and gather for a chosen purpose as long as it’s done in a way that doesn’t violate our Legal Terms. In this instance, we determined that Jared Taylor engages in or promotes conduct that violates our Community Guidelines and therefore is not permitted on the Eventbrite platform as an organizer or a featured speaker,” Eventbrite wrote.

“You may continue to use Eventbrite for other events. However, if we become aware of any future event featuring Jared Taylor we will remove it, and listing such an event could result in your account being terminated,” they added.”

CRU deserves a lot of credit for resisting the mob tactics of ANTIFA and continuing with their Taylor event. Conservatives need to have backbone if they are going to defend free speech against left-wing cancel culture.

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