ANTIFA “Red Commander” Dropped into Fetal Position, Began Crying Upon Riot Arrest

A man who is apparently known as an ANTIFA ‘commander’ was arrested for riot activities over the weekend, and reportedly was caught carrying a flamethrower and smoke grenades to what he claimed would be a peaceful protest.

Matthew Banta, 23, is purportedly known as “Commander Red” to ANTIFA militants active in the Green Baay area. He was charged last month with pointing a loaded long gun at a police officer, and later “biting and kicking” the cop. As a condition of his $10,000 bond on the charges, he was banned from possessing weapons.

This didn’t stop Banta from bringing devices polices have described as a “flamethrower” and smoke grenades to a protest event in Green Bay over the weekend.

The Green Bay Police were reportedly called, with a community member reporting “a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats and helmets headed… towards the police.” A responding officer would go on to confront a heavily armed group of ANTIFA militants, including Banta. The group attempted to flee from the responding officer, but Banta was apprehended. The ANTIFA “Commander Red” went on to play victim, with the police officer stating that Banta “dropped into the fetal position and began crying.”

Banta claimed that he was merely attending a peaceful protest, ignoring that he had been barred from possessing weapons as a condition of his existing bond. He appeared in a court on new charges of felony bail jumping and obstructing a police officer on Monday.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith has described Banta as an out-of-town agitator. “It’s worrisome when people associated with Antifa come here to Green Bay from out of town for the purpose of protesting here or for the purposes of committing violent acts,” said the Chief.

Despite a violation of his existing bail, Banta was granted a new $2,500 bond on the two new charges Monday. Perhaps the feared ANTIFA “Commander Red” will go for a third strike with another riot crime.

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