ANTIFA Thugs Destroy Statues of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt in Portland Riots

ANTIFA rioters destroyed two Portland statues of two iconic American presidents during Sunday night riots , running amok in the city in a show of force indicating the militant organization’s capabilities months after riots began in Portland.

Statues of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were destroyed.

A nominal “indigenous” contingent of ANTIFA militants was heard cursing “colonizers” and those who oppose Black Lives Matter as they dismounted a statue of President Roosevelt using chain pulleys.

Portland Police had promptly broken up an ANTIFA riot on Saturday night, but they seemed absent as leftist militants destroyed two American statues without repercussions on Sunday.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln was dismounted using similar chain pulley systems by rioters. The Lincoln statue was defaced with graffiti reading “Dakota 38,” a reference to 38 Dakota warriors executed by American troops during territorial conflict with the Indian tribe in 1862. The Daktota tribe had attacked and murdered five American settlers residing in the Minnesota territory before President Lincoln dispatched federal troops to secure American settlers living in the area.

Both of the statues were located outside of the Oregon Historical Society, a museum which commemorates the heritage of the Pacific Northwest and those who traveled on the Oregon Trail. The museum itself was attacked and ransacked by ANTIFA militants, who broke its windows and caused extensive property damages.

Criminal riots endure in Portland, with almost nightly events occurring 115 days after initial George Floyd “protests” erupted. The “progressive” city has firmly established itself as a nationwide embarrassment, with liberal city leaders proving utterly unable to deter heinous mob criminal activity.

ANTIFA hates American heritage, its heroic figures, and what American civilization represents.

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