AOC Weighs In on Derek Chauvin Verdict: “I Don’t Even Think We’d Call It Full Accountability”

Certifiably high-IQ congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared her thoughts on the Derek Chauvin verdict.

She livestreamed her reaction on Instagram Tuesday evening.

A 45-second snippet of AOC’s reaction is as follows: “So no, this verdict is not justice. Frankly, I don’t even think we’d call it full accountability, because there are multiple officers that were there. Wasn’t just Derek Chauvin. And I also don’t want this moment to be framed as this system working. Because it’s not working. And… that’s what creates a lot of complexity in this moment.”


AOC’s full response to the Chauvin verdict can be watched on Instagram and is around 17 minutes long. If that’s how you really want to spend your precious free time, knock yourself out by clicking here.

Echoing her sentiments on Tuesday was political science professor and MSNBC commentator Jason Johnson:

He said Tuesday during MSNBC’s coverage of the Chauvin verdict that he has “no sense of satisfaction” and that it does not show our system “working.”

“I actually always thought that he would be found guilty because it’s sort of a cultural make-up call,” Johnson said. “But I’m not happy. I’m not pleased. I don’t have any sense of satisfaction. I don’t think this is the system working. I don’t think this is a good thing.”

“What this says to me is that in order to get a nominal degree of justice in this country, that a black man has to be murdered on air, viewed by the entire world, there have to be a year’s worth of protests, and a phalanx of other white police officers to tell one white officer that he was wrong, in order to get one scintilla of justice. That doesn’t make me feel happy. That doesn’t make me feel satisfied,” he added.

Johnson concluded by saying that “this is the justice system trying to say, ‘Hey, this is one bad apple’” and by calling for “radical reform.”

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