AP Investigation Discovers Supreme Court Justice Sotomayo’s Staff Pressured Colleges, Libraries To Purchase $3.7 Million Worth Of Her Books

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s staff pressured libraries and colleges to buy her books.

According to the leftwing Associated Press, Sotomayor made millions by having her staff prod these institutions into purchasing her memoir and children’s books.

All in addition to booking talks and being paid to speak.

From the AP:

In her case, the documents reveal repeated examples of taxpayer-funded court staff performing tasks for the justice’s book ventures, which workers in other branches of government are barred from doing. But when it comes to promoting her literary career, Sotomayor is free to do what other government officials cannot because the Supreme Court does not have a formal code of conduct, leaving the nine justices to largely write and enforce their own rules…

… Supreme Court staffers have been deeply involved in organizing speaking engagements intended to sell books. That is conduct prohibited for members of Congress and the executive branch, who are barred under ethics rules from using government resources, including staff, for personal financial gain. Lower federal court judges are also instructed to not “lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance” their “private interests.”

In other words, American taxpayers are helping funnel millions into Sotomayor’s pockets through pressure tactics that result in lots of purchased books nobody wants to read.

As Business Insider reported, Sotomayor’s book sales intertwine with her service as a Justice; A move that would have the left tearing their hair out if this probing came from conservative Justice’s staffers. As you can imagine, the right would never hear the end of it.

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The AP outlined one particular incident in 2019 where a staffer pressured a public library in Oregon to buy more books saying “250 books is definitely not enough.”

“Families purchase multiples and people will be upset if they are unable to get in line because the book required is sold out,” the staffer added.

This is much different than the controversy of Justices Alito and Thomas having rich friends. 

It’s actual corruption coming from arguably the most liberal Justice on the Supreme Court.

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