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Sex Crime

App Data Shows That Sexting by Children Has Increased by 183 Percent During COVID-19 Lockdown

Another negative ramification of the lockdown.



While the world was surrendering their civil liberties and mindlessly obeying authority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, children were reportedly sending sexually obscene text messages to each other at overwhelming rates.

Parents in Britain made the discovery after downloading a phone safety app provided for free in many instances by the government. Sexting from children has risen a stunning 183 percent as the lockdown has persisted, showing the crippling effects the mass hysteria has had on the morals of the youth.

SafeToNet, the app given away to one million British parents for free, has found that sexting during regular school hours has increased 55 percent as well. They have found that it is young girls, who are now being taught about empowerment rather than traditional morality, that are sending the majority of dirty messages.

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They found that lewd texts are being sent by girls as young as six years old and by boys as young as nine years of age. The average age for children to sext was 11 for girls and 13 for boys, respectively.

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SafeToNet founder Richard Pursey believes the technology used by his app is what is necessary to protect children from their own immature decisions that can result in humiliation, bullying, and even suicide in some tragic circumstances.

“Some say sexting is natural and is another unintended consequence of the digital age but the problem is the distribution of messages and images once they have left the child’s phone. It’s the tube of toothpaste analogy. Once it’s out you can’t put it back. The harm that is done to those poor children who naively send sensitive content is catastrophic at its most extreme level. Children suffer low self-esteem, they are ashamed and in the worst of cases, they commit suicide,” Pursey wrote about his app.

“The tech is complex and needs continual development as online harms change shape and style with alarming regularity,” he concluded.

Big League Politics has reported on how the fake news media and Big Tech have combined to actually encourage children to sext during the lockdown:

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) is putting the spotlight on Snapchat and Teen Vogue for allegedly encouraging children to make pornography during the coronavirus pandemic.

The center implored Snapchat and Teen Vogue to refrain from encouraging teens “to create child sexual abuse material (child pornography) by sexting during quarantine.” They are telling Snapchat to stop featuring content from Teen Vogue, a publication that has promoted anal sex and totalitarian communism to children in the past.

“Snapchat and Teen Vogue are playing right into sexual predators’ hands,” said NCSE executive director Dawn Hawkins.

“With the likely surge of young viewers on Snapchat due to quarantine, it is socially irresponsible for Snapchat Discover to encourage minors to self-produce underage pornography (i.e. child sexual abuse materials), thereby increasing their vulnerability to sexual predators,” she added.

The NCSE believes that instructing children to create and distribute sexually-obscene materials is wrong in every instance.

“Online predators use social media platforms to pose as peers and groom children to send them sexually explicit material (i.e. ‘sext’ with them) that they can then distribute and/or use to blackmail the child into other forms of sexual exploitation,” the NCSE said.

“What Teen Vogue is doing by promoting sexing to teens is insidious and harmful,” Hawkins said to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Some of the objectionable content that Teen Vogue has published for kids includes, “How To Sext: The Best Tips & Tricks,” “Here Are 7 Things You Might Not Have Known About Sexting,” and “Sexting Should Make You Feel Good.” They have consistently promoted sexting to children throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents must be very proactive about protecting the sanctity of their children in this day and age when creeps, perverts and Marxists dominate institutional power in a globalized society that has abandoned God.

Sex Crime

CUTIES ON STEROIDS: HBO Show ‘Transhood’ Shows LGBT Cult Induction of Transgender Kids

These child abusers should be jailed.



A clip from a new HBO show “Transhood” is quickly going viral, showing an LGBT ritualistic cult induction of abused transgender children.

“Today we choose to recognize, honor, love and celebrate anyone here who would claim their identity publicly as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, pansexual, asexual, or any category that I left out,” the satanic priestess announced.

This is when an abusive monster of parent brought up their severely neglected children to announce their induction into the LGBT cult.

A child called “Phoenix” was brought up to the stage by her morbidly obese mother. Phoenix looked scared and apprehensive as the adult figures attempted to coerce the boy into saying he was a girl. When he refused, the mother just did it for him.

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“May you be well, safe and whole. We honor you exactly as you are,” the cult chanted at the poor abused child as he was given a flower by the demonic priestess.

The clip can be seen here:

“Transhood” may have taken the prize from “Cuties” as this year’s most grotesque, perverted and exploitative show produced by Hollywood to victimize children.

Big League Politics reported months ago on how Netflix’s “Cuties” glorified a dance troupe of underage girls twerking to discover their sexuality and womanhood:

The child-exploiting Netflix film “Cuties” is drawing widespread anger across social media for its content sexualizing children, which critics believe is normalizing pedophilia.

The French producer of the film, Zangro, revealed in an interview with Variety that hundreds of little girls were brought in during the casting call and made to gyrate their bodies sexually at the behest of the movie’s producers.

“The casting process was a saga. We spent over six months and saw 650 candidates and it was only in the very last hour of the last day that we found Fathia. It was a really emotional moment,” Zangro said, referring to the young girl who was eventually cast in the leading role.

Zangro also spoke of the bizarre relationship the children in the cast had with the movie’s director, Maïmouna Doucouré. Doucouré is of African descent but referred to as French in spite of her origin.

“She has a deep and intimate relationship with them. She acts with them. She cries, and they cry. There’s a magical link and a deep sense of trust,” Zangro said.

Zangro confirmed that the movie was produced for the purposes of changing people’s perceptions with regards to child sexuality, with diversity used as the hook to promote this perverse content.

“We’re interested in telling stories that involve minority communities in France, such as Muslim communities and African communities,” he said.

“People tend to have fixed ideas on these issues and want to take a stand, but we’re looking for a non-judgmental approach, often exploring comedy. We think these are important projects that can change people’s preconceived views,” Zangro added.

The globalists are getting ready to add the P to the end of LGBT. This is the hell that tolerance has wreaked upon the West.

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