Arizona Attorney General Investigating Reports of Sharpie-Marked Ballots in Maricopa County

The Arizona Attorney General is investigating reports that election day voters in Maricopa County were directed to fill out their ballots with sharpie markers. What appears to be hundreds of voters claim that they were given sharpies to fill out their ballots.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs insists that ballots filled out with sharpie ink will be counted without any irregularities. However, some Arizona voters are concerned that ballots with marks from sharpies that bleed through to the opposite side of the form won’t be properly tabulated by election recording technology.

The office of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich confirmed they were investigating the reports on Wednesday.

We don’t know if the use of sharpies had any impact on the tabulation of ballots, but the widespread concern over the suggestion of their use is questionable enough.

The outcome of the presidential election in Arizona appears possible to likely to determine the national outcome of the election. As of Wednesday evening, the Trump campaign is expressing confidence that still-outstanding election day ballots will give the President a narrow victory over Joe Biden to secure the state’s 11 electoral college votes.

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