Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly Refuses to Shake Border Patrol Agent’s Hand: “You’re One of Them”

Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly apparently refused to shake the hand of a border patrol agent during an event in Tucson on Monday, telling the man that “you’re one of them.”

Art Del Cueto, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, recounted the concerning incident during an interview with KNST on Thursday. The former astronaut refused to shake Cueto’s hand, walking away in an act of disrespect to the Border Patrol union official.

Cueto recounted approaching Kelly at the Tucson parade, introducing himself to Kelly. The Democrat apparently recognized him, and after telling him vaguely that “you’re one of them,” he stiffed Cueto and simply walked away.

Cueto did confirm that he’s taking the insult personally, although he’s not even sure what Kelly meant, exactly.

That is the only picture I see… Is him completely dissing Border Patrol agents as a whole.

It’s sickening… It shows his true colors. Obviously he won’t do that in front of a crowd… But it happened to me. It was upsetting as a whole. This is his true colors… This is who he really is.”

Arizona’s local media is attempting to coronate Kelly as the state’s next Senator, with polling companies pushing questionable surveys that sample a wildly disproportional amount of Democrats. He’s yet to face skepticism for his questionable business record with Chinese companies, having received millions of dollars from a Chinese tech giant sanctioned by the State Department for its complicity with the nation’s authoritarian Communist government.

The Border Patrol is not only an essential law enforcement agency in safeguarding southern Arizona, it’s a vital employer in many rural communities near the border. Should Kelly be elected, it’s all but assured Arizona’s border communities will face more of the disrespect the elite, well-funded Democrat showed to the union official.

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