Arizona Doctor Shoots Naked, Aggressive Home Invader Who Broke Into Daughter’s Bedroom

An Arizona doctor resorted to defending his family in a chilling home invasion last week, shooting and killing a naked man who had broken into his daughter’s bedroom.

On Wednesday night, Aaron LaTowsky was alerted to the presence of an intruder at his North Scottsdale home. When noticing that a side door was open, LaTowsky retrieved a shotgun, entering his daughter’s room when the family dog barked in its direction.

He describes being attacked in chilling fashion by a naked man clad in no more than a face mask. The home invader, who was bearing a wooden stick, lunged at him from cover when entering the room. LaTowsky describes firing immediately, putting the burglar down with two blasts from the shotgun.

Police are corroborating LaTowsky’s account of events. They had been active in the North Scottsdale neighborhood, receiving a report about another attempted break-in the vicinity, describing the perpetrator as an eighteen or nineteen year old man. He had earlier been confronted by another homeowner in the neighborhood before fleeing the man’s presence.

LaTowsky recounted the chilling incident in an interview with Arizona’s Fox 10.

He basically was lunging at me, so it was very quick,” said the urologist. “He had his hands in the air. I could see something dark or black coming at me, and again it was very, very close, so I fired almost immediately.

The family man expressed his support of gun rights, having used his weapon to lawfully defend his family.

God Bless America and the Second Amendment,” said Aaron. “Glad I was able to protect my family. God bless the police for coming so quick to take care of us.

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