Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Urged Twitter to Censor Trump Supporters

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs pressured X, formerly known as Twitter, to censor critics of her post that likened former President Donald Trump’s supporters to Nazis.

Back in August 2017, when Hobbs served as a senator in the Arizona state legislature, Hobbs compared Trump’s supporter base to neo-Nazis.

“[Trump] has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being [president] for all Americans,” Hobbs declared in her campaign Twitter account.

Hobbs received sharp criticism for her post on Twitter. This barrage of criticism rattled her as she made further progress in her political career. Prior to becoming governor of Arizona, she served as secretary of state from 2019 to 2023. 

Many of her critics began to question Hobbs’s ability to be an unbiased actor when running the 2020 election. Per emails that Fox News was able to obtain from the conservative organization Arizona Capitol Oversight, Hobbs attempted to lobby the social media platform then known as Twitter, to shut down posts critical of her.

On November 13, 2020, Hobbs sent an email to Twitter, when she used her official Arizona secretary of state email, urging the support team to censor her online critics. 

Twitter requested additional information and for Hobbs to provide evidence for her request, which Hobbs could not muster. 

Hobbs asserted that “alt-right” online critics were harassing her following her move to call her political critics Nazis.

“I am not sure I can provide the information you are asking for because I reported and then blocked multiple users at the same time,” Hobbs stated in her email as secretary of state.

“The alt-right got a hold of a 3-year-old tweet on my account and have been sending harassing, abusive, and threatening tweets and direct messages for the last 2 days,” she continued.

“These emails leave no doubt that Katie Hobbs abused her position of power in government. She violated the First Amendment rights of people across Arizona in order to suppress valid criticism and prop up her 2022 gubernatorial campaign,” AZCapitol’s Brian Anderson noted in a statement he sent to Fox News Digital. “It’s imperative that further investigations be initiated to shine a light on just how far Hobbs’s unconstitutional censorship campaign went — and whether it continues today.”

Indeed, liberal officials in the US believe that they’re entitled to infinite praise. For them, any form of criticism levied against them must be punished. 

We’re dealing with petty tyrants here, not upstanding public officials. As a result, they must be relieved of the burden of holding higher office if we want to preserve any semblance of civil liberties in America.

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