Arizona Secretary of State Says Resolution Banning the Use of Voting Machines Will Not Be Enforced

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes is saying that the state will not enforce a resolution that has been passed in the state legislature banning electronic voting machines.

Arizona Sen. Anthony Kern introduced the resolution to ensure that “no voting system or component or subcomponent of a voting system or component… may be used or purchased as the primary method for casting, recording and tabulating ballots used in any election held in this state for federal office” unless certain transparency measures were introduced.

The measure was approved by the Arizona House and Senate, much to the approval of patriotic Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers, who touted the resolution on many different conservative radio shows and podcasts on Monday.

However, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes issued a statement claiming that the government would not enforce the resolution and continue business as usual for elections in years to come.

“Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, which expresses a desire to restrict the use of certain electronic voting machines, is non-binding and does not have the force of law. Election equipment must be certified by the federal and state government by specific requirements outlined in federal and state law,” Fontes said in his statement.

“That certification process is being followed in Arizona and all applicable election equipment being used in Arizona is certified. If those requirements or certification process were to be changed, it would require a regular bill to be passed by the legislature and signed by the governor—which is not the case for this non-binding resolution. We defer to the Attorney General’s office on all other legal questions,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how a majority of Arizona voters believe that fraud occurred affected the results of the 2022 midterm elections:

According to a poll jointly conducted by Rasmussen and College Republicans United, 55% of Likely Arizona Voters believe it’s likely that problems with the 2022 election in Maricopa County affected the outcome, which includes 35% who believe it’s very likely. 

40% of likely voters indicated that it’s not likely that problems in Maricopa County impacted the election outcome, which included 29% who believe it is not at all likely. 

Republican candidate Kari Lake lost to Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs by a roughly 17,000 vote margin. 2.5 million total votes were cast in this election. 

After reports of Election Day problems with the vote count in Maricopa County, Lake described the election as “botched” and declared: “This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about our sacred right to vote, a right that many voters were, sadly, deprived of on November 8th.”

57% of Arizona voters agreed with Lake’s statement, which includes 36% who strongly agree. 34% who disagree, which includes 25% who strongly disagree.

72% of Republican voters in Arizona are in agreement with Lake’s statement about the “sacred right to vote”, on top of 37% of Democrat voters and 60% of independent voters. 

Elections in the US can no longer be trusted. It used to be fringe political talk that elections were rigged affairs. However, with the past three years of election trickery such talk is no longer looney. 

As the US grows more third world in its political activity, election fraud will be just one of many aspects of its political culture that will decay before our eyes.”

America has been sacked, and the coup regime is in place. Don’t expect criminal government officials to abide by the rule of law. The nation is passed that point under a Soviet-style regime that treats patriots as domestic terrorists.

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