Arizona Sheriff Slams Biden’s ‘America Last’ Border Policy: “Built Roads for the Cartels”

Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels is slamming President Joe Biden’s America Last border and immigration policies, reporting a spike in human smuggling, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Cochise County covers more than 80 miles of the US-Mexico border, and wall construction was occurring in the county when Joe Biden cancelled all new border wall.

Dannels pointed to the cancellation of wall construction as a factor creating security risks in itself, with more regions of the border totally unaccounted for by contractors and construction companies now absent from the scene. “We just built roads for the cartels,” he said of Biden’s wall cancellation in remarks provided to the Washington Times.

Dannels recounted the overwhelming support for a border wall among his constituents, pointing to it as an effective force in deterring criminal activity and preserving the resources of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department.

One area that’s wide open right now, we’re getting five to six groups a day,” he said. ”It’s almost worse than it was before. We just built them infrastructure.

It’s a product of politics within policing,” the sheriff said in a Fox News appearance when asked about the cancellation of wall construction. “And I’ve always said that they had no business in our business, in the business of policing what we do on this border in our communities. When President Biden rescinded the emergency order on the southwest border, it stopped resources and stopped construction on our border.

Dannels is recounting the CCSO’s camera system detecting double the amount of illegal aliens in recent months as he saw during the Trump administration, even with border infiltration usually lower in the winter months. He’s expecting the problem to worsen, with Biden promising to enact a series of pro-migration policies in promises to the President of Mexico and Central American governments.

Dannels also is pointing to the health risks of an open border, with illegal aliens merely processed and released into American communities without so much as a COVID test.

Biden administration officials are quietly expecting a a tidal wave of illegal immigration in the spring, with border arrests at their highest levels since 2006 in February.

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