ARIZONA: Students Threaten Hunger Strike If Radical Voting Bill Isn’t Passed By Jan. 17

A group of students representing the Un-PAC participated in a hunger strike at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.

Arizona college students have threatened to go on a second hunger strike if Congress doesn’t pass a Democrat-led bill by Jan. 17, Fox News reported.

“We’re prepared to hold out indefinitely now that the holidays are over,” Leila Winbury, a junior at Arizona State University, told Fox. “I have seen the consequences of a broken democracy my entire life, so we’re willing to suffer the consequences of hunger-striking rather than the consequences of the bill not passing.”

The students have apparently engaged in hunger strikes before, with Winbury noting that the next hunger strike will be “a lot bigger” than the previous 15-day one organized last December. 

“Nationwide hunger-striking, more than likely,” she noted.

Winbury and other students involved in the movement are reportedly representing the Un-PAC, are advocating for the Freedom to Vote Act.

The bill is very long in its nature and includes radical provisions such as the idea of forcing states to allow voter registration on election day in addition to automatic voter registration. Many have argued that such provisions will help open up the floodgates for election fraud.


“(a) In General.—

“(1) REGISTRATION.—Each State shall permit any eligible individual on the day of a Federal election and on any day when voting, including early voting, is permitted for a Federal election—

“(A) to register to vote in such election at the polling place using a form that meets the requirements under section 9(b) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (or, if the individual is already registered to vote, to revise any of the individual’s voter registration information); and

“(B) to cast a vote in such election.

S.2747 – Freedom to Vote Act

“The bill, if it were enacted, would implement same day and automatic voter registration in all 50 states, as well as mandated polling locations on every college campus,” Un-PAC co-founder Shana Gallagher told Fox. “And election day would be a federal holiday.” 

Arizona State University Winbury described the hardship she and others faced during their first hunger strike.

“The health toll was hard, a lot of us had low blood pressure, but we did have a doctor on site,” she told Fox. “He took our vitals twice a day.”

“In Arizona I was able to go back to my dorm. In D.C., we stayed in sleeping bags out front of the Capitol, and then once it would get dark, we would go stay in a hotel,” said Winbury, before delivering her final blow against D.C. lawmakers.

“Do your jobs, listen to your constituents. We should not have to put our bodies on the line for you to listen to us.”

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