Armed Patriots in Kentucky Declare ‘This is Our Battle Line’ as They Defend Confederate Statue From Mob

On Friday evening, a group of armed patriots in Brandenburg, Ky. protected a Confederate statue as a Black Lives Matter mob was expected to gather and potentially deface it.

The mob has made a big deal of the 70 foot Confederate statue, which used to be located on the University of Louisville campus until 2016, as they continue their ongoing cultural genocide. The patriots of Brandenburg showed up to say no more to the ISIS-style movement of destruction.

Here are some of the scenes from the protest:

WDRB reported that certain “business owners boarded up windows in anticipation of possible violence, but law enforcement officers from several agencies had kept the peace, at least through 10 p.m.”

These armed patriots made their stand as the left-wing cultural genocide has swept across America, with black dominance being projected through acts of mayhem nationwide.

Big League Politics has reported on how people are getting severely injured because of the reckless behavior of these rioters:

A left-wing protester is reportedly critically injured after a piece of a Confederate statue struck him in the head while the ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter mob brought it down in a showing of racial dominance.

The scene occurred in Portsmouth, Va. where the mob was systematically tearing off pieces of the Confederate monument on Wednesday night.

A witness said that the man who was hit by the monument was battered so terribly that his skull was showing, he was bleeding profusely, and was left convulsing on the ground until medical personnel showed up.

The currently unnamed individual has been taken to a local hospital where he is being treated for his serious injuries.

The carnage was caught on video as the mob of vandals committed their ISIS-style desecration of the American historical monument throughout the day.

While most are willing to roll over to the mob, the armed patriots in Kentucky have shown that they will not budge. This is the type of courage that will be needed across the country to repel the savages and their war against Western Civilization.

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