ARROGANCE: Joe Biden Says ‘You Ain’t Black’ If You Even Think of Voting Trump in November

Former Vice President Joe Biden said earlier today that an individual could not be black if they were even considering voting for President Trump’s re-election in November.

Biden made the inexplicable comment while appearing on Charlamagne tha God’s “The Breakfast Club” on Friday morning. One of Biden’s handlers, sensing that the interview was turning on the mush-brained Democrat, tried to pull him from the interview, which made Charlamagne angry.

“You can’t do that to black media!” he said.

“I do that to white media and black media because my wife has to go on at 6 o’clock,” Biden added, using the excuse that he had to cede the make-shift studio in his Delaware home to his wife, Jill.

Charlamagne attempted to get Biden to commit to coming back on his program because “we’ve got more questions.” This is when Biden made the now-infamous comment.

“You’ve got more questions?” Biden said. “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

“It don’t have nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with the fact, I want something for my community,” Charlamagne fired back.

“Take a look at my record, man!” Biden added.

Biden uses the fact that he was Obama’s vice president to mask his record as a career politician, where he was an architect of mass incarceration.

Big League Politics reported on how Biden was integral in the development of federal civil asset forfeiture laws, which have allowed cops to seize assets from minorities before they are even convicted of a crime:

Presidential contender Joe Biden is trying to make himself seem palatable for the radical socialist base of the Democratic Party to be its nominee to take on Trump in 2020, but his record – including blazing the trail for civil asset forfeiture nationally – is proving quite problematic.

Then-Senator Joe Biden introduced the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act in 1983 to give federal agents sweeping new powers to seize assets from private citizens before they were convicted of a crime.

The following year, the 1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act supported by Biden got state and local law enforcement into the unconstitutional mix by creating the “equitable sharing” program to give them up to 80 percent of the moneys from assets seized by the feds, to further facilitate the practice across the nation.

These Biden-backed laws were an egregious assault on the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution by taking a suspect’s property without the due process of law. Biden’s tough-on-crime posturing has resulted in some of the most heinous abuses in U.S. history, with minorities often being the target.

One such example of a racially-biased abuse was toward Shukree Simmons, an African-American, who had $3,700 seized from him from a car sale after he was pulled over despite police finding no evidence of a crime. Ella Bromell, a 72-year-old African-American widow, had her home seized because drug dealers she did not know committed a crime near her lawn.

Reformers on the Left and the Right despise civil asset forfeiture, and have been fighting to end the practice for decades.

The last thing Biden should ever want black voters to do is delve into his actual record.

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