As Many as 20,000 People Protest Lockdown Restrictions in Germany

A crowd of people possibly numbering up to 20,000 protested Germany’s coronavirus lockdown policies in Berlin on Saturday, objecting to the restrictive measures their national government had put in place in response to the pandemic.

The demonstration, in which Germany’s conservative and right-wing political movements were prominent, was titled “Day of Freedom — The End of the Pandemic.” Police are estimating that 17,000 people attended, showing that opposition to many coronavirus social restrictions is not only present but strong in continental Europe.

The coronavirus epidemic in Germany hasn’t been as severe as what other European countries have experienced, with the nations of Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK incurring the worst outbreaks of the disease on the continent. Almost 10,000 people have died in the nation of more than 80 million, although there are indications that a second wave of coronavirus infections may be coming about as more people grow tired of restrictions.

Demonstrators at the Berlin event mostly declined to wear masks, and some bore placards that read “Corona, false alarm” and “We are being forced to wear a muzzle.”

In a questionable development, Berlin Police have claimed that they’re going to instigate legal proceedings against organizers of the demonstration for failing to properly mandate social distancing within the march event.

It’s not just America where there’s widespread skepticism of coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions. The Berlin gathering, which authorities maintain numbered in the tens of thousands, may have been the single largest individual anti-coronavirus lockdown demonstration to occur in the world.

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