As Media Matters Smears Him, Tucker Crushes Cable News Ratings As #1 Show

Tucker Carlson Tonight Top Rated Show

Tucker Carlson dominated the cable news ratings last week, only days before Media Matters For America would release a slew of audio recordings in which Carlson made politically incorrect jokes in an attempt to get him fired from Fox News.

Since the premiere of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in 2016, Carlson’s nightly news program has steadily climbed in the ratings, usually coming in second or third place when compared to call cable news, and typically coming in first place during the 8 p.m. time slot.

However, Carlson smashed every other cable news program last Friday, including fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Carlson had nearly 2.7 million viewers on Friday night, coming in slightly ahead of Hannity’s viewership, and smashing his 8 p.m. competition on MSNBC and CNN by nearly 1 and 2 million viewers respectively.

Only days after demolishing all competition in cable news, Media Matters would release a series of ancient video recordings of Carlson making politically incorrect jokes on a comedy radio show.

Big League Politics reported:

A Soros-linked media group sought to launch a character assassination smear against Fox News host Tucker Carlson over the weekend, seeking to get the ratings kingpin fired from the cable news channel and ostracized from “polite” society over recordings of a few backroom jokes with some radio show hosts around a decade ago.

The old audio from a decade ago surfaced from a Media Matters operative, a progressive group funded by George Soros.

Operatives from the organization had hoped that Carlson would profusely apologize, back down, and retire from public life, thus silencing a leading critic of the progressive left’s push for total political, social and cultural control over American life.

Carlson shows no sign of backing down or apologizing to the left wing mob, and Big League Politics journalists are watching Fox News’s actions closely to monitor whether they will stand with the America First newsman, or buckle to the radical leftists.

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