As Muslim Rape Gangs Ransack Britain, Police Focus on Activists Warning of Islamification

The Islamification of Britain is a cruel fact of life, and a massive increase of violent crime throughout the nation has resulted. There are now more bombings, robberies, rapes, stabbings, acid attacks, and so on as the direct result of this globalist push by the European Union and United Nations to import Muslims to the United Kingdom. However, the cops are more concerned about the whistle-blowers than they are of the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

Brainwashed residents of St Ives in Cambridgeshire reported their shock and horror to law enforcement after messages such as ‘Beware of Muslim rape gangs’ and ‘Mass immigration is white genocide’ were posted on doors in the town. Instead of investigating the radical Islamists who actually pose a violent threat to society, police are jumping into action to investigate the thought crime that took place.

“This morning we received reports of offensive stickers in St Audrey Lane, St Ives. An investigation is ongoing,” a Cambridgeshire Police spokeswoman said.

If the police find the culprits who are guilty of illegal free speech, they will likely receive similar treatment that other right-wing dissidents have received. Tommy Robinson, the English Defence League founder whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested last year for ‘breaching the peace’ after reporting on a Muslim rape gang trial being blacked out by the British press.

“Can you get me a solicitor?” Robinson asked his fans while being accosted and thrown into a police van by authorities. “This is ridiculous, I haven’t said a word…I’ve done nothing.”

The British authorities are going above and beyond to make examples of patriots. Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, the leaders of the nationalistic right-wing group Britain First, were sentenced to prison time for distributing leaflets that offended delicate Islamic sensibilities. Because they “demonstrated hostility” toward Muslims, Fransen was sentenced to 36 weeks and Golding was sentenced to 18 weeks behind bars.

“I have no doubt it was their joint intention to use the facts of the case [in Canterbury] for their own political ends,” Judge Justin Barron said of Fransen and Golding. “It was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants.”

Patriots of Britain will suffer the wrath of Big Brother if they attempt to spread verboten truths in their one great nation. Even after voting in favor of the Brexit, there have been no changes to the status quo. It is likely going to take a great deal of pain and suffering before the British people are able to escape their Orwellian hellscape.

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