As Notre Dame Burns, Social Media Users Bombard Videos With Laugh Reactions

Haha Reacts Notre Dame Cathedral

Social media users are expressing joy as the 850-year-old Cathedral burns in Paris, France.

As news continues to break about the potentially devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, some social media users are using Facebook’s “Haha” reaction to express their pleasure with the disaster on Facebook.

Video posted to Twitter shows over a thousand social media users responding to the news with joy.

Another post showed users using the “love” reaction on comments about the fire, one user writing “Allah is grand,” and another user seeming to suggest the fire may be vengeance against the “racist” French for centuries old colonization of the Americas and Africa.

Officials believe the fire could have started at the cathedral as a result of construction, as the building was undergoing extensive renovations to keep it standing after cracks began to appear on the masonry. This has lead to some concern that the building could become structurally unstable as the fire continues to wreak havoc.

A spokesman for the cathedral warned that the structure could be entirely destroyed, telling BBC News that “There will be nothing left,” but noting that “It remains to be seen whether the vault, which protects the cathedral, will be affected or not.”

French President Emmanuel Macron canceled his previously scheduled engagements for the day to rush to the scene as the fire garners international attention, and the Mayor Anne Hidalgo of Paris called it a “terrible fire” and warned residents to avoid the location until it is contained.

President Donald J. Trump also expressed his concern on Twitter, calling it “horrible” and encouraging use of modern technology to fight the flames. He ended his tweet with a call to action, urging authorities to “act quickly!”


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