Asia Argento Denies Sex Assault, Hours Later Photo Evidence Emerges

A prominent #MeToo movement denied sexual assault allegations levied against her, only to have photo and text evidence against her emerge hours later.

“I am deeply shocked and hurt by having read news that is absolutely false,” Asia Argento told New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali. “I have never had any sexual relationship with [Jimmy] Bennett.”

Argento made that lie public Tuesday morning, only for it to be exposed several hours later when damning photos and text conversations were published by TMZ.

A photo shows the pair lying in bed together.

 A text conversation shows Argento admitting to having sex with the teen boy.

“I had sex with him it felt weird,” she said. “I didn’t know he was a minor until the shakedown letter.”

By “the shakedown letter,” Argento is referring to a letter sent by her victim’s attorney, Carrie Goldberg, detailing the settlement agreement between the two parties.

Argento was one of the foremost leaders of the #MeToo movement, and one of the first to accuse disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse. Weinstein pleaded not guilty to rape charges, and is scheduled for trial in September.

But Argento is an abuser too. Sexual relationships with minors are considered sexual assaults, as minors are presumed incapable of consenting to sex by law.

Now she is a proven liar, too, further demonstrating that there is not such thing as a moral compass in Hollywood.

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