Assassination Attempt Leaves German Right Wing Party Chairman In Hospital

AfD Bremen Chairman Attacked Antifa

Alternative for Germany’s Bremen chairman was brutally assaulted by three masked assailants, barely escaping with his life.

Frank Magnitz, the party’s Bremen chairman, was targeted by the unknown attackers as he left a New Year’s reception alone. According to Alternative for Germany’s press release, the men attacked Magnitz with wooden instruments until he collapsed unconscious, then continued the attack.

The beating was only stopped thanks to the “courageous intervention of a construction worker” who happened upon the scene.

Magnitz sustained a swollen and bloody face, and a deep gash in his forehead.

In its press release on Facebook (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO), Alternative for Germany detailed the devastating attack, along with an uncensored, graphic photo of Magnitz that may be shocking or unsettling to some readers.

Alternative for Germany noted in its press release that it has been a frequent target of attacks from Antifa, and noted that the police believe “the act was politically motivated.”

The party noted that previous attacks have not been condemned by competing political parties or the media, and suggested that this lack of attention has encouraged a climate of physical violence among the radical left.

Not only the LEFT, but also the SPD and the Greens support the Antifa and its attacks,” the party wrote in its press release, “Is that what the other political forces want?”

The press release continued, “Again and again, the AfD is the focus of left-wing attacks that are not condemned or even supported by the other parties.

The Chairwoman of the Social Democrats, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling party, appeared to condemn the attack on Twitter while still deriding Alternative for Germany, calling the party a “political opponent of our tolerant and peaceful society.”

At press time, no suspects have been apprehended, and local authorities are asking for witnesses come forward.


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