Assisted by the ACLU, Illegal Immigrants Cut Off Tethers to Avoid Deportation to Iraq

A growing number of Iraqi illegal immigrants in Michigan are cutting off their tethers in the hopes that it will allow them to remain in the U.S. a little bit longer, while receiving legal assistance from the far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The Detroit News reports that at least seven illegal immigrants set for deportation have cut off their GPS tethers, in a ploy to buy them more time in court and at the very least prolong their deportation back to Iraq.

“I’d characterize cutting one’s tether and going AWOL or disrupting a deportation flight not so much as an act of protest, but rather as a simple attempt to win another day or two in the country so that the court can rule, and hopefully issue a stay,” said Jonathan Weinberg, a professor at Wayne State University Law, in a comment on these cases.

Some of the illegal immigrants, such as Ali Al-Sadoon, claims he would be killed if he were returned to Iraq. Al-Sadoon is a convicted criminal who was sentenced to deportation after being sentenced for breaking and entering in 2013.

“A lot are still in shock and still can’t believe this is happening to them,” said attorney Shanta Driver, who is representing 23 Iraqi nationals set for deportation. “(Al-Sadoon’s case) is as close to a death penalty case as I have ever had. His brother returned to Iraq and was killed.”

The ACLU of Michigan is arguing in federal court on behalf of the illegals, claiming that repatriation to Iraq would be a death sentence for these lawbreakers because of their alleged Christian faith. They hope to stop all deportations, despite the criminal records of many of the illegals slated for deportation.

A large concentration of Iraqis in the Detroit area are Chaldeans, or Catholic Iraqis, who are refugees that fled legitimate religious persecution in Iraq. It is unconfirmed whether all of the individuals being deported share this distinction, but it is being used as cover in an attempt by leftists to stop removals.

ICE officials are not happy that the illegal immigrants continue to break the law in order to extend their unlawful stay in the U.S.

“Removing GPS tracking devices could expose aliens to violations of their reporting requirements, federal criminal charges and prolonged detention,” ICE said.

35-year-old Baha Al-Said was found by authorities in Ann Arbor after cutting his tether and arrested. Despite the fact that he was convicted on drug dealing and home invasion charges, the liberal media is still painting him as a victim.

“After he leaves, I’m going too,” said Al-Said’s fiance, Reema Ali. “I don’t have any kids, which makes it easier for me to go with him, but I have to leave my siblings and parents. That makes it so hard. I have to miss out on my nieces and nephews growing up.”

“He didn’t want to leave his family especially because he’s the only support,” she added. “After he cut his tether, Baha’s dad was hospitalized for a week, suffering from a panic attack and mental illness, thinking he’d lose another son.”

The ACLU of Michigan is doing all they can to protect these criminals, many of whom are plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit of Hamama v. Adducci. The ACLU’s lawfare resulted in many of these law-breakers being released back into the general public, after a federal judge ruled in their favor. Now, they are removing their tethers as a result.

“The State Department has evacuated all non-essential American personnel from Iraq because it is so dangerous, yet the administration is simultaneously trying to deport longstanding members of our community to Iraq, even though they face persecution, torture and death,” ACLU attorney Miriam Aukerman said.

“… A fair process takes time, which is why it is so critical that Congress pass the bipartisan bill to pause Iraqi deportations. Many Iraqis have won their immigration cases, but they need time to do so,” he added.

These illegal immigrants, aided by well-funded liberal special interest groups such as the ACLU, are aggressively impeding the process of lawful deportations.

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