At CPAC, Donald Trump Calls for the Government to Prioritize Border Security as Opposed to Nation-Building Abroad 

At the Conservative Political Action Conference that was held in Dallas, Texas from August 4 to August 7, Donald Trump gave a thunderous speech on August 6 where he put the “Invade the World, Invite the World” crowd on notice.

During that speech, the former president called out the perpetrators of never-ending wars and open borders, stating, “You know we fight and spend billions and billions and even trillions of dollars defending the borders of countries that are 7,000 miles away, but they don’t want to spend any money to defend our border. Makes no sense.”


This is the message that many right-wing political figures such as former Nixon speech writer and presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and former Congressman Ron Paul used to hammer home. Paul, himself, proclaimed back in 2007:

 “We need to worry about our borders here at home, not worry about the borders around the world, and the border between Syria and Iraq – that doesn’t have anything to do with our national security, we have to deal with our own national security. Our military right now is in shambles because we’ve been stretched too thin. One of these days we’re gonna have to wake up, and I’m afraid we won’t wake up until we go bankrupt, and we’re approaching that time already.“

Trump more or less ran on these sentiments during his first presidential run. Unfortunately, due to institutional inertia and Trump’s faulty assumption that the federal government would bend his will to him, he was not able to fully implement his immigration patriot and realist foreign policy agenda. 

Trump is correct in complaining about how the US government prioritizes spending money abroad while neglecting its border that’s constantly getting Zerg rushed by illegal alien invaders.

What this globalist project shows is how out of touch the political class is from Middle American interests. The ruling class prefers to serve the interests of foreign nations while letting our country’s national sovereignty get ripped to shreds as illegal aliens penetrate our southern border at will.

Now more than ever, we need an America First leadership that will gut the national security state and divert those resources to fully securing our border — the real linchpin of our national security. 

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