ATF Goons Raid Firearm Store for Selling Forced Reset Triggers & Pistol Braces

Agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided the Shooters Den —  a firearm store in Albuquerque, New Mexico — for selling forced reset triggers (FRTs) and pistols featuring stabilizing devices.

The store was at the center of a controversy in September for its confiscation of a firearms owner’s privately manufactured firearms (PMF) for not possessing a serial number.

The gun store owner, Anthony Stephen, made a call to the ATF to report the young gun owner. 

The ATF currently has the firearm as evidence. Curiously, John Crump of AmmoLand News noted that the ATF and law enforcement claimed that the young gun owner was not in violation of laws. It seems he is not the one at the center of the federal investigation.

The store let the young man know that they would serialize the gun without his consent. This move would make the young man unable to regain his firearm since he is below the age of 21. 

Any lawful individual under 21 can own a pistol provided that they are over 18. However, anyone under 21 can’t go through a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check for a handgun. All serialized handgun transfers from an FFL have to go through NICS.

Starting in March, the ATF started investigating the gun store. 

The ATF allegedly discovered a rifle with “illegal” devices attached. The Bureau confiscated the firearm from the store and sent Stephen a warning. Stephen appeared to have not complied with the ATF’s warning and continued selling devices that the ATF has criminalized.

The ATF asserted that the gun store sold AR-style firearms equipped with pistol stabilizing devices. The ATF issued a regulation in early 2023 that reclassified the majority pistols featuring braces as short-barreled rifles (SBRs). 

Furthermore, the gun store sells FRTs. The ATF deems this accessory as a device that can convert standard firearms into machine guns. 

On top of the braced pistols and FRTs, the ATF asserted that the store was constructing firearms without the proper license. 

Crump noted the following about firearms licenses: “There are different types of federal firearms licenses (FFL). To make firearms, a store needs a Type 07 FFL. The store only had a Type 01 FFL, which only allowed the store to sell firearms.” 

The ATF’s accusations did not stop there. It also claimed that Shooters Den was not conducting background checks. Not running background checks could lead to the revocation of an FFL, which holds especially true under the Biden regime’s current zero-tolerance policy.

The FFL allegedly did not collect taxes and nor did it report taxes. Per the search warrant, the ATF completed three controlled purchases at the gun shop. The government asserts that the store sold something illegal to the undercover ATF agents. Due to these purchases, the ATF confiscated all the store’s firearms, accessories, and records. Per the gun store’s Google listing, it is currently permanently closed.

This is yet another case demonstrating the need to abolish the ATF. This agency is a major blemish on this constitutional Republic. In effect, unelected government agents have the power to arbitrarily infringe on Second Amendment rights. 

The ATF doesn’t need to be “reformed”, it ultimately needs to be defunded and subsequently abolished. The longer this agency exists, the more likely gun rights will continue to be violated. 

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