Athletes File Lawsuit Against NCAA To Prevent Men From Participating in Women’s Sports

On March 14, 2024, 16 female athletes filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletics Association arguing that they were forced to compete against and share locker room facilities with men. 

The federal lawsuit contends that the NCAA’s rules about transgender athletes infringe on women’s rights as outlined by Title IX. 

Riley Gaines, a prominent athlete and a plaintiff in the case, stated on March 14 on X that the NCAA has ignored  female athletes’ concerns.

“The NCAA continues to actively and openly discriminate against women on the basis of our sex. We issued a legal demand letter last year, but they haven’t listened,” Gaines stated.

The Free Press noted the following about this case: 

At the center of the class-action lawsuit is Lia Thomas , the trans athlete who dominated the 2022 NCAA Swimming Championships while a student at the University of Pennsylvania. The suit states that both the NCAA and Georgia Tech, which hosted the event, knowingly violated Title IX, the federal statute that guarantees equal opportunity for men and women in college education and sports.

The lawsuit, the first federal action of its kind, seeks to change the rules, rendering any biological males ineligible to compete against female athletes. It demands the NCAA revoke all awards given to trans athletes in women’s competitions and “reassign” them to their female contenders. It also asks for “damages for pain and suffering, mental and emotional distress, suffering and anxiety, expense costs and other damages due to defendants’ wrongful conduct.”

On top of that, the case claims that the NCAA infringed on female athletes’ Fourteenth Amendment rights by letting “naked men possessing full male genitalia to disrobe in front of non-consenting college women.”

The rules establish “situations in which unwilling female college athletes unwittingly or reluctantly exposed their unclad bodies to males, subjecting women to a loss of their constitutional right to bodily privacy,” per the lawsuit.

Gaines competed against Thomas while studying at the University of Kentucky. She claimed that the aggrieved parties filed the lawsuit due to how the NCAA allegedly keeps eluding “accountability and responsibility and upholding the civil rights law that is Title IX.”

If the athletes come out victorious in their case, it “could impact eligibility rules at all 1,100 colleges and universities represented by the NCAA, making it such that all athletes born as males would be barred from competing in women’s sports,” The Free Press reported.

American sports are just one of the latest institutions that have been thoroughly subverted by the Left. These forces aren’t just thinking in exclusively political terms, the cultural Left is trying to capture and infect every aspect of American society. 

These people are demented freaks who will never rest until the day they have completely destroyed the Historic American Nation. This is why it’s so important that the Right fight these parties at every turn.  Only a relentless force operating under nationalist principles is capable of putting the Left in its place. 

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