Atlanta Archbishop Pushes for Gun Control

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta Gregory John Hartmayer recently pushed for policymakers  to do more with regards to passing gun control measures. This comes at a time when the Atlanta has experienced an alarming wave of gun violence. 

“To do nothing is to be complacent in the violence,” Hartmayer stated.

“Public officials must put into practice common sense reforms: a total ban on assault weapons, universal background checks for all gun purchases,” Hartmayer continued.

The archbishop also demanded that lawmakers pass legislation that would expand background checks and do more intense screening for mental health problems.

“We have had to collectively mourn the deaths of nearly 700 children,” Hartmayer stated. “The accessibility of firearms presents an immediate threat to the wellbeing of children’s and families impacted by domestic violence and those individuals with mental illness.”

“We cannot and will not stand by and silently accept that tens of thousands of people dying by gun violence each year is simply part of life in the United States,” declared Hartmayer.

The archbishop urged parishioners to reach out to their local elected offices and air out their grievances with them.

It cannot be stressed how important it is for the Right to engage with the culture. This is where the Left is able to make inroads even when they’re locked out of formal political positions. 

That’s why it’s so important for the Right to remain vigilant in the cultural realm. It’s in these spaces where the Right can still stave off the Left and reconstitute itself as it tries to retake previously lost territory.

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