Attorney Erick Kaardal: Conservative Election Integrity Activists are ‘Winning’ as Democrats Lose Key Lawsuits

Minnesota-based attorney Erick Kaardal appeared yesterday in Detroit to a group of election integrity activists where he explained the victories that have been achieved in recent months.

On the eve of the large Turning Point Action People’s Convention, Kaardal appeared to a group of about 40 influential activists in the state. Kaardal has won 62 election integrity cases, giving him the best record of virtually any lawyer across the country in fighting back against institutionalized Democrat lawfare.

“You’re winning. You’re in the game,” Kaardal told activists in attendance, adding that election integrity activists are like an “armada fighting asymmetrical warfare”  learning by working on different projects and more effective with each battle.

Kaardal pointed to Irving Township Deputy Clerk Shelly Lake’s successful lawsuit to obtain lists of past qualified voter lists from other townships, and the RNC’s successful challenge of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on the issue of signature verification are two of many examples of conservatives winning within institutions that have been long dominated by Democrats.

Additionally, 28 states have enacted bans on private money funding election infrastructure a.k.a. “Zuckerbucks.” Many state legislatures are suing to get their power back to administer elections from the federal executive branch. At one time 34 states were handing over driver registration data to the Election Registration Information Center (ERIC) with 10 states removing themselves from cooperating with that far-left organization, including Texas, Florida and Ohio. There is progress on every front, with many strong and important lawsuits still active, but still a long way to go, as Kaardal explained.

Democrats “long march through the institutions” and their dominance of the administrative state have made it increasingly difficult for Republicans to win over the years, Kaardal explained, but Republicans are finally overcoming the obstacles and now must “win some more” to stop any election steal in 2024.

“We have to ensure that government is following the laws of the people, but if we don’t, the government is going to impose its culture and its whims on us,” Kaardal said.

Kaardal urged the audience to embrace populism defined as “the people working together to improve their government” and believes it is the task of populists to fight back against the Democrats’ perversion of the English language and stop them from imposing their version of Orwellian newspeak to control public perceptions.

“You need someone who says, ‘I represent the people’… and you have to believe there is moral content in the language of the people,” Kaardal said.

Additionally, Kaardal stated that we know Democrat progressives “rigged” the 2020 presidential election to a “moral certainty.” He also said that retaliation against Trump has proven the use of Democrat lawfare, defined as a political entity criminally prosecuting their opponents for personal gain, that Kaardal has been railing about for years.

Kaardal told the audience that he believes “we the people” is not going to work anymore. The countermarch through the institutions will involve conservatives “upping their game” and realizing that it is us vs. them. Conservatives need an apparatus, a political machine, behind us to be able to win, he explained.

“We need to figure out how to message to the government to get the results we need,” Kaardal said, encouraging Republican attorneys to file lawsuits against different aspects of the bureaucracy in order to chip away at their power but to be careful and do so with the best messaging that will not allow the system to easily dismiss these lawsuits.

“We have to figure out their culture and how to defeat that culture to get what we need out of the government,” Kaardal added.

Kaardal told the audience that they need to copy certain aspects of the Left’s effective strategic model, but the key advantage the conservatives hold is that their agenda is much more popular. Kaardal talked about the need to replicate some of the Left’s strategies, but conservatives do not need to violate the law to win. He stated there are many high return-on-investment projects for the people in the election integrity movement to participate in throughout the year and beyond.

“It’s not really to glorify any of us. It’s just to help because we can’t leave the country in the shape that it is in,” Kaardal said of the election integrity movement.

Kaardal closed his speech by stressing the need to work with people you have disagreements with and focus on commonalities while bringing a spirit of joy to the work. Having the spirit of joy is important, Kaardal explained, because it makes the work look more attractive, and more people will want to join the team and become converted to the cause.

The event featuring Kaardal was put on by Michigan Fair Elections (MFE), “a federated network of citizen organizations, leaders, and activists aligning their individual missions to work together to build a permanent election integrity infrastructure in every county in Michigan, to provide ongoing citizen oversight, transparency, and accountability of Michigan elections.” Their website can be accessed at

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