AUDIO: Violent Leftists Threaten To Kill Women For Trump Co-Chair

The co-chair of a prominent Trump-supporting group has recently received several violent and threatening phone calls after numerous appearances on CNN.

Warning: The following post and audio clip contain graphic language.

“Yes, Amy Kremer,” the anonymous caller said. “I would like to say that America deserves the truth, and after hearing you on CNN you deserve to have your G*d damn lying tongue ripped out with a pair of vice grips, concrete poured down your G*d damn neck till it comes out your lyin’ a**, you f****** c***.”

The caller’s opening statement was tame compared to the rest of the message. We would print the transcript, but it would simply be a paragraph of asterisks in place of the curse words.


“I get nasty calls all the time.” Kremer told¬†Big League Politics. “People call me every name in the book, tell me how horrible I am, and that I’m a racist, and I’m fat and ugly. But it’s not a death threat. There’s a difference between a death threat and just saying ugly, nasty, vile things.”

Kremer was one of President Donald J. Trump’s earliest vocal supporters, having co-founded Women for Trump and endorsed him in January 2016.

“The FBI had us call the local authorities,” she said. “Since we made the initial report some other stuff has come in, and I just got a message saying I need to call to get an update on the investigation.”

“Look, they want me to live in fear,” Kremer said. “But I’m not going to. They want me to back down. They want me to never go on CNN again. They want to shut me down. They want me to go away so that a [CNN] anchor can say ‘we couldn’t get anyone to come on to defend the President or his policies.'”

Trump tweeted his praise for Kremer this morning.

“Amy Kremer, Women for Trump, was so great on [Fox & Friends],” he said.¬†“Brave and very smart, thank you Amy!”

Kramer says she will not be intimidated.

“I’m not going to let that happen. As long as they ask me, if I am physically able to go, I will. I will not back down.”

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