Australia Expands Orwellian Surveillance State, Ignores Migrant Crime

In yet a stunning disappointment in supposedly right-wing governments, the federal government of Australia recently passed legislation that will greatly expand the powers of the surveillance state, including but not limited to allowing law enforcement agencies to hack into people’s accounts should they be suspected of engaging in online criminal activity.

In a coincidence that seems too good to be true for ardent followers of meme culture, one of the main proponents of this Orwellian legislation is none other than Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews. needless to say, it will be determined in the coming months whether Minister Andrews will use these expanded powers to curtail the use of the Karen meme in a way similar to CCP leader Xi Jin Ping’s efforts to curtail online comparisons between him and Winnie The Pooh.

According to The Epoch Times, the legislation grants expansive abilities to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to not just delete data points of citizens they suspect of criminal activity, but also to modify said data whenever they deem it appropriate. And as we all know, any and all government agencies can be trusted to never abuse their expanded powers and manufacture crises to continue expanding them, especially in such an enlightened country like Australia.

In fact, so enlightened and progressive is Australia, especially compared to uncouth America, that authorities will continue to spy on its own native-born citizens and arresting pregnant women for having the gall to demand personal autonomy but ignore the disproportionally high crime rates of several migrant groups being brought into the country without assimilation. Because when it comes to choosing which side of the North Atlantic to emulate, the EU is a clear choice.

And to ensure full compliance from Australian citizens, anyone who chooses not to comply with any of these imminently reasonable expansions of government power can expect to face up to 10 years in prison. In fact, Minister KAREN Andrews went so far as to boast about the Australian government’s recent track record of violating the rights of her citizens as evidence for why they should be given further leeway to violate them even more. Referring to an intelligence operation carried out earlier this year that resulted in the arrests of 290 people, she said that this “confirmed the persistent and ever-evolving threat of transnational, serious and organised crime—and the reliance of these networks on the dark web and anonymising technology to conceal their offending.”.

It seems likely that the Australian government has mistaken Orwells Magnum Opus for a manual rather than a cautionary tale. But informing them of this might ironically get you in prison as well.

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