Australia National Cabinet Agrees to Establishing a National Gun Registration System

In early February, the Australian national cabinet agreed to establish a national gun registration in the wake of the high-profile murders of two police officers  that took place in December of 2022. 

The national cabinet is an intergovernmental decision-making entity composed of state and territory premiers and chief ministers. In this instance, it believes that the gun registration system will help fight crimes such as these police murders. 

Australian media noted that law enforcement agencies have traditionally used state-level gun registration systems, which are generally viewed as outdated. 

But after a meeting of premiers and the prime minister, Australian leaders agreed to enact a national registration system. 

“It’s quite clear we need to do better in cooperation between jurisdictions when it comes to firearms,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated.

“It’s agreed that that would be a necessary measure.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been one of the most vocal proponents of a national registration system. After all, the two police murders took place in a village in Queensland. 

This agreement was finalized following a briefing from Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Director-General Mike Burgess at the national cabinet .

Burgess briefed the cabinet about the rise of so-called right-wing extremism in Australia, especially that of “so-called sovereign citizens”.

Albanese invoked national security concerns with regards to the police murders in December.

“The catastrophic premeditated, calculated murder that occurred there on the basis of a warped ideology … it requires us to do what we can to keep the citizens we all represent safe,” he stated.

“We know that the threat is real and tragically, we have seen the consequences of it.”

Australia has been inhospitable for gun rights. Since the Port Arthur massacre where a madman killed 35 people, Australia has launched a full-fledged assault on gun ownership by banning everyday semi-automatic firearms. By establish a system of gun registration, Australian authorities will now have an easier time potentially confiscating lawful Australians firearms. 

On top of that, Australia’s response to the Wuhan virus pandemic demonstrated how tyrannical its political class has become. Despite the problems the United States has on gun issues, they pale in comparison to Australia. We should be thankful that we live in a country where the right to bear arms is enshrined in our constitution.

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