Australia To End ‘Covid Zero’ Policy: ‘Not A Sustainable Way To Live’

Australia is set to end its “covid zero” policy after Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country’s approach is not “sustainable.”

Australia has maintained a strict policy of restrictions and lockdowns thus far during the pandemic, with reports out of the country showing the government’s efforts to force draconian policies on its citizens both through force of the state and public media broadcasts.

The government claims they will drop most restrictions once 80% of adults are vaccinated, which they say could happen by the end of the year, The Economist reported.

When the Delta variant first came to the nation, any detected cases originally would result in a lockdown to stop the spread “at the beginning.” 

However, on Aug. 23 Morrison said that a change will be made as this is “not a sustainable way to live in this country.” 

“Once you get to 70% of your eligible population being vaccinated, and 80% … the plan sets out we have to move forward,” Morrison said in a video address. “Because if not at 70% and 80%, then when? Then when? This cannot go on forever, this is not a sustainable way to live in this country.”

Only a little over 27% of Australians are fully vaccinated from COVID-19, with just under half the population with at least one dose, according to numbers from Our World in Data

Big League Politics has covered Australia’s iron-fisted rule over its citizens in the past, with a recent piece discussing the country’s fusion of the media and state in an effort to punish those who defect against draconian COVID-19 mandates.

A report out of Australia’s 9 news from a few days ago appears to be out of a dystopian fiction novel, with the news anchor and other guests using the media to publicly attack Australian citizens who are not complying with every government rule or mandate.

“It’s those doing the wrong thing driving our record case numbers,” began an anchor from Australia’s 9 News. “Among the most concerning cases, a COVID patient who’s tonight on the run from a hotspot. Police and health authorities have issued an urgent appeal.”

The anchor continued, exposing the citizen’s name for the entire world to see.

“Anthony Karam knows he’s COVID positive when he steps into this public lift, already breaking so many rules. He doesn’t bother to cover his mouth as he sneezes and splatters. The 27-year-old is still infectious but has gone missing from his Wentworth apartments…”

Approximately 1,000 COVID-19 deaths have been recorded in Australia, about 0.004% of its population of over 25 million.

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