Australia Uses Omicron Variant As Excuse To Further Medical Tyranny

An empty Sydney Opera House.

Australia has been at the forefront of ushering in global medical tyranny, with multiple lockdowns and making any appreciable dissension of the government’s edicts illegal. Indeed, many consider this turn towards authoritarianism from Down Under to be a very unpleasant surprise given the supposedly conservative government in power and the fact that Aussies have a slight genetic predisposition to rambunctiousness given its history as a prison colony. With the new Omicron variant of coronavirus coming out of South Africa, the Morrison government once again has a fresh scapegoat with which to continue medical tyranny.

According to The Epoch Times, Australia has announced that it will delay its international reopening plans by two weeks for the time being due to the detection of several coronavirus cases of the Omicron variant. This is in contrast to New Zealand, another champion of medical tyranny that is nonetheless going forward with its reopening plans, the Omnicron variant notwithstanding.

“The temporary pause will ensure Australia can gather the information we need to better understand the Omicron variant, including the efficacy of the vaccine, the range of illness, including if it may generate more mild symptoms, and the level of transmission,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement.

Initially, the plan was for Australia to open up to international travel starting on the 1st of December after nearly 600 days of closed borders. Indeed, during the period of closed borders, even citizens living abroad were mostly not allowed to return to visit friends and family. Indeed, this reopening would mark the first time any regular international traveler could come into Australia without facing a mandatory quarantine period.

This reopening date was delayed, however, due to the discovery of five cases of the Omicron variant, largely clustered in New South Wales with a sole exception in the Northern Territory. This delay has prompted some in the business community to express noticeable displeasure at the level of uncertainty this backtrack entails for economic activity.

“The worst thing we can do is stall the economic momentum, particularly for small businesses” said Jennifer Westacott, CEO of the Business Council of Australia.

Indeed, the resumption of international student intake to Australia’s universities alone is expected to bring in around A$35 billion, or nearly two percent of Australia’s A$2 trillion economy. Then again, there are quite a few negative side effects from that intake.

Outside Australia, the Omicron variant from South Africa has been detected in Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, and the United Kingdom among others. Official detection in the United States remains a question yet answered, with many attentive citizens worried it will be another excuse to further medical tyranny worldwide.

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