Australian Butcher Refuses to Remove Sign After it Was Declared to be Offensive

An Australian butcher refuses to change his shop’s sign that states its products are “not halal-certified.”

Naturally, leftists are up in the arms about this sign and believe it is “inciting hatred” towards Muslim people.

The Valley Butchers in Adelaide, South Australia, are caught in a web of controversy over a complaint filed to the Australian Advertising Standards Authority after the owner placed a sign that read “not halal-certified” on the store front. The store argues that the sign was a factual answer to a question they frequently receive about the origin of their meat.

“The sign is only stating that we are not halal approved,” the store claims, according to a SBS News Australia report. “In no way is it meant in a malice way. We were getting asked quite frequently whether we are halal approved, so I am just stating that we are not, and that saves a lot of wasted time.”

But the complainants didn’t agree with the store’s argument.  One was quoted in the Ad Standards complaint stating that the sign “perpetuate[s] a culture of vilification towards religious minorities, that results in harm towards them…. It pokes fun of a specific group of people based on religious belief.”

The board actually agreed, declaring that the sign was “inciting hatred or contempt” against Muslims. “Using the phrase ‘non-Halal certified’ in conjunction with imagery of Australian animals was a suggestion that Islamic dietary practices are not Australian,” the board stated.

The butchers responded by changing the sign to read “not halal-certified’ and have no intentions of making any more changes.

However, the advertising watchdog still found the sign’s message to not be inclusive. The shop is now being threatened with legal action to enforce the change along with potential prosecution for using the iconic imagery of an Australian emu and kangaroo in their sign. As much as the politically correct Left wants to infringe on free speech rights in America, they have not been as successful as in countries countries like Australia or Canada, which have weaker free speech protections compared to America.

The Left is relentless and will try to find any possible space to insert their politics.  So no venue is safe from their political harassment.

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