Authorities: No New Cases of COVID-19 Came From Memorial Day Partiers at Lake of the Ozarks

Missouri authorities have confirmed that there is no evidence showing that there are any new cases of COVID-19 that occurred due to individuals partying at the Lake of the Ozarks on Memorial Day.

“The answer, to our knowledge, is no,” said Dr. Randall Williams, who works as the director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, after being asked about whether or not the partiers caused a spike in coronavirus cases.

Previously, so-called experts had sounded the alarms, begging people to stay scared, stay indoors, and not live their lives due to fear because of the pandemic.

“We must all continue to remember that the virus hasn’t left us,” Dr. Alex Garza said. “It hasn’t changed. It’s still here. It’s still very contagious and dangerous.”

Garza, who works as the leader of the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force, claimed that the partiers would cause “needless suffering and potential strain to our health care systems” by refusing to cower in fear. As is a familiar refrain throughout the pandemic, the so-called experts were dead wrong.

“We let our guard down or act like the virus is gone,” Garza said, “it will continue to improve the odds of hitting our region again with a second wave and those really hard-fought investments that we’ve made to suppress the curve will be wasted.”

Other members of the government joined in with the hysteria as well. St. Louis County Executive Sam Page issued a travel advisory earlier this week urging “those who ignored protective practices to self-quarantine for 14 days or until testing negative for COVID-19″ and told employers to snoop on their workers and find out what they did while vacationing.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson expressed alarm with the Ozarks partiers, but did not use aggressive enforcement to break up the parties, much to the dismay of the alarmists.

“I’m not going to send the National Guard,” Parson said. “I am not going to send the highway patrol out to monitor this.”

“That’s their business. I trust the people in those positions,” the governor added. “These people are elected to do these positions.”

Parson confirmed at a press conferences that COVID-19 cases are quickly waning. Statewide hospitalizations are down 40 percent over the past month for the virus, as opening society back up has not resulted in the doom that alarmists said it would.

“Our hospitals are not overwhelmed. Our positivity rate continues to decline. People are recovering, and we are moving forward,” he said.

“We are still not sure how UV light (from the sun) will impact the virus,” Dr. Garza admitted. “But presumably it will help decrease transmission.”

The coronavirus pandemic was overhyped by the experts, and the doomsday predictions have not come to pass. It is time to open society back up, end the constant fear propaganda, and allow Americans to get back to work.

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